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induced a week early

Jun 04, 2011 - 3 comments





Due date

hubby has a great opportunity to do samoan fireknife dancing at the rugby world cup in nz this october great money too, only thing is that im due the day he leaves arhhh. can i be induced one week earlier than my due date, any suggestions????

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by DaylightDancer, Jun 05, 2011
Most doctors won't induce unless there is a valid medical reason. That is because inductions carry risks. At 39 weeks, you may still have a completely closed cervix which makes it very difficult. Even if they manage to dilate it enough with drugs like cervadil, and get to start pitocin.. you may not progress enough (they don't give you much time!). Then they will likely burst your bag of waters. If after this you stop progressing, which is common in inductions, you will need a cesarean section. Sometimes also the drugs used for inductions cause fetal distress, which can also lead to an emergency c-section.

So it can become a very unnecessary chain of risky medical interventions. Babies have a tendency to come out when they are ready to, so even if you avoid a c-section there can still be issues with the baby such as jaundice or latching problems etc etc. And with the c-section, you will need help with just about everything for the first couple weeks. Do you have the support for such a scenario, if the induction fails? Even after a vaginal birth I found DH to be irreplaceable for the first weeks.

On the other hand, some drs say women are just as likely to have their babies 38-40 weeks than they are 40-42 weeks. So you might just as well naturally have your baby before your due date, I had my DD (my first) at 38w. So how long would he be gone? Nz is very far away though.

Sounds like an amazing opportunity, I'm so sorry about the timing!

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by NicMom, Jun 05, 2011
Most hospital's in the us will only induce when you get to 39 weeks so if your ob is open to it I'd say yes. I was set to be induced a week early just because I have fast labors and they wanted to make sure I didn't have the baby in the car or something. Also a girlfriend of mine is getting induced so her kids don't share the same birthday. Talk to your dr. Good luck.

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by navaehlei, Jun 05, 2011
thanks for your help im going in to talk to my doctor about it on friday!

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