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***Micah's Birth Story***

Jun 04, 2011 - 17 comments

So Wednesday night I just could not go to sleep, wasn't in any sort of pain was just wide awake. I started to feel cramping at 2am which I had felt plenty of times before so I wasn't thinking much of it. I decide to go lay down and go to bed which took forever. At some point between 2 and 3 I noticed I was having what I thought were braxton hicks contractions brought on by holding my urine which happened plenty of times before so I got up to go to the bathroom and I did that at least 10-15 times when I realized these contractions weren't stopping so there was no use me trying to go to bed because I would just keep getting up to go to the bathroom. So I start to time them and they are irregular going from 9 to 8 to 5 then three back to 8 that kind of thing at 3:55 I am realizing that they hurt and that I will continue to time them for the next hour and then I will call labor and delivery. Well an hour passes and the contractions are still irregular but painful to the point where I cannot talk or walk through the contractions and so we call l&d and they say to come in. On the way to my parents to drop of JT my husband is telling me he thinks this is it and jokingly says by the time we get to l&d that I would be 9cm dilated. I start to think maybe this is it but since I hadn't lost my plug yet I was thinking more a long the lines of 3 or 4 cm dilated since with my first son I lost it around 4 cm dilated. We drop JT off and head to l&d and they get me into a room as soon as we got there. The l&d nurse checks me to see how dilated I was and she is like well you are 9cm dilated and I am in complete shock. The first thing that comes to my head is wait I wanted an epidural so I ask the nurse if it is possible for me to even get one this late and she said it is but the doctor will most likely break my bag of waters which was bulging that I would most likely be ready to push before the anasthesiologist woulg get there and that is exactly what happened. So they tell me I am ready to push and with one big push Micah was born. My labor and delivery is exactly how I wanted my first to go and that delivery is how I wanted this one to go pain free lol. Well I guess I got my natural delivery and I am so thankful to God it only last a whole of 4 hours.

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1528695 tn?1360582320
by logigirl, Jun 04, 2011
lucky lady!!

419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 04, 2011
How perfect!! both L&D and Micah!!! so happy for you!! Was he as big as Terell??

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 04, 2011
Thank you Tabby and Logigirl!!!

JT was 9lbs 7oz 21 in and Micah was 9lbs 8oz 20.5 inches

419158 tn?1316571604
by blueeyedtabbycat, Jun 04, 2011
big boys!! and Micah wasnt even late, lol!

719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, Jun 04, 2011
What a story!! That is awesome, glad it went so quickly for you and he is gorgeous!!

280369 tn?1316702041
by chantal21, Jun 04, 2011
What a perfect birth story!! Way to go momma!!! :) CONGRATS!!

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 04, 2011
Tabby- Yes big boys and I know for sure they had my due date wrong but didn't want to listen to me but yes he was still early but only by a couple of days not 10 lol.

Jen- Thank you so much! I can definitely say now it was an amazing birth.

Chantal- Thanks Chantal!

1456473 tn?1365827455
by superchoc, Jun 05, 2011
thats so lucky!! i hope mine goes like that!! lol congrats again =)

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 05, 2011
Thank you superchoc!

349463 tn?1333571576
by NicMom, Jun 05, 2011
That's a great birth story may we all be so lucky! Congrats.

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 05, 2011
Thanks Nicmom!!!

1276121 tn?1420860600
by Dolphin05, Jun 05, 2011
Omg sounds like you had the most perfect birth ever! Plus he is so darn cute. I cant wait for december to come.

1117231 tn?1456609540
by gilkesy, Jun 05, 2011
Tasia, you must be over the moon!!!! cant wait to experience this too. he looks absolutely gorgeous!

676143 tn?1312941771
by angela418, Jun 05, 2011
Wow!  That is truly amazing!  I am so happy for you...I didn't know labor could be that fast!  I hope the same for the rest of us this month! :-)  Many many congratulations to you and your growing family!  

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 05, 2011
Thank you ladies!
Angela I have heard of births that short but never thought it could happen for me but I am so glad it did.

568905 tn?1291974914
by emmiemac, Jun 12, 2011
well done u, he is beautifull kinda feel like ive missed out twice with 2 c sections but the outcome is still as satisfying, love being a mum again we are so lucky x

Avatar universal
by Tasia32, Jun 12, 2011
Thank you! We really are lucky! Love being a mom :-D

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