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Jun 05, 2011 - 0 comments






ive made some bad money desicions in the last few months and now that im out of a job i think im screwed. ive joined a gym! bought expensive photos from a free photoshoot thing i did  and lastly i bought an apple mac laptop all paid monthly. all are expensive. £50 on photos a month....£30 on gym...£40 on macbook pro i need to get out of the gym member ship asap!! i dnt go to the gym! i love ma macbook and the photos so im willing to keep paying for those but some of the stuff ive bought recently is bad too i boght a wii from a friend that im not sure works...a ukulele....i have spent all past paychecks as soon as they hit the bank. im told this normal for bipolar or even worse. im terrified of getting in debt!! i dont want to start my life out with debts! ive started to hitch a plan to sort my finances so hopefully it all works out so i rest easy without getting letters saying you have forgotten to pay this and that and so on.

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