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Two days until albation

Jun 05, 2011 - 1 comments

We leave tomorrow for Ogden where I will have the ablation. I'm ready to do this and hoping for the best. My heart has been so regular lately and I almost talk myself out of it. Then I remember all of the scary attacks I've had and never want to have another. When I'm alone and have them I go for the phone and have it in my hand in case I can't get this to convert back. If I'm at school, I'm so afraid something terrible will happen during one of these attacks and I will die in front of my kids and how much that would traumatize them. Always, always, I've remained calm during an attack knowing to do otherwise would make the situation worse. I can hardly imagine living the next 20+ years without these. We'll see on Tuesday.

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by LindaTX, Jun 06, 2011
Thanks for the kind note, Merilee. I wanted to share one more upside to the ablation.  For a few days after, I was prescribed Lassix (furosemide) which is a fluid retention pill to help get rid of water build-up in your body during the ablation procedure.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised that after 3 days I had lost 6 lbs.  I was thrilled!  And over the last few months I've lost about another 20, but not, of course, with any help from fluid pills.  I think they did, however, give me a kickstart to losing the lbs I needed to lose.  Actually i still have a few more to lose but I won't give up, lol


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