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Pregnancy Prophesy!

Jun 05, 2011 - 5 comments








I have not been on medhelp for almost a month now..I think...partly because I kinda just stopped worrying about pregnancy and babies...Im more focused on my spiritual life and other things. So today I went to an apostolic church with my friend Shanie, and during praise and worship a woman of God picked up a bottle of olive oil, anointed both her hands, came over to me, held onto my belly, and started praying for me....I knew she saw something in the spirit so I let her continue and I just began to worship the Lord. After church was over, I got on the phone with Shanie and she told me the Woman, asked if I was trying to have children....she then told her that I would have children. Now I have never met this lady before and there is no way she could have known I was taking fertility med  several weeks ago trying to just like wow....

I enrolled myself back in college 2 days ago, and im due to start in august...I wonder what the future holds for me. God is so awesome and magnificent! He never sleeps ! And we are always in his thoughts.

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1446439 tn?1316001733
by prart, Jun 06, 2011
Good for you girl

1287276 tn?1357858019
by trustGodHeWilldoit, Jun 06, 2011
Amen..I know it will be just like the lady told you..I believe in God and his prophesy..

1366197 tn?1394590911
by JoJo629, Jun 06, 2011
wow thats amazing!!

1668776 tn?1375489081
by MrsREID, Jun 06, 2011
God is goooddd!

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by lizziann30, Jun 09, 2011
i know how hard it could be my doc to me oct.21,2010 i could not concieve and now i'm 11 weeks pregnant put it GOD's hands he makes the impossible possible keep hope and faith.Girl its like im living in a dream lol

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