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CD 38 and no AF.  Seriously Confused! :S

Jun 06, 2011 - 2 comments

AS the title says, today is CD 38 for me and there's no sign of AF in sight.  I don't know what to do.  I tested again yesterday but still negative.  All of my usual "O" times are CD 16 or CD 17 without clomid and while I was on clomid it bumped me down to CD 20.  I'm trying to think exactly when I was getting alot of clear gooey cm, because if that's when I O'd it was a little later than normal.  I'm just curious when the time is that I need to call my Dr. ??  Should I already?  Should I wait it out some more?  I HATE this guessing game.  Getting my  hopes up somewhat, constantly waiting on AF. :(   C'mon already if you're going to show, I'm actually ready for you, if not, show me something that tells me you're not coming!!

This IS never ending. :(
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by mhv, Jun 06, 2011
You know, mine is the same way like every 6 months.... I am actually on cycle day 29 right now.  the last time this happened was in nov/dec '10... and it took like 40 days!  What is up with that!!?!?!?!?!   Sometimes I think it's bacause we have been on ferility drugs for so long, that our bodies forget to work on their own 1/2 the time!  It is so frustrating isn't it?

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by Des_a_rae, Jun 06, 2011
Yeap it's really frustrating.   Wow 40 days, well I say wow but then when I think about it I'm on 38, UGH!  I've never ever been late, not THIS late.  My longest cycle was CD34 and that's was because I actually made it to 16 dpo.  I don't have a clue.  I TRY not to think about it, but I'm constantly wondering " am I going to start?  When will I start?  I don't think I'm pg but maybe?".  It's driving me insane.  I'm also furious at myself because I didn't temp at all.  I have good reasons though, I was so busy planning my cousins wedding shower, then I had 3 family members in the ER in the same weekend, one was my mom with a severe crohn's flare up, the other was an uncle who tried to kill himself earlier in the day, thank god hubby got the gun from him, then my other uncle with an artery blockage.  That was just 1 weekend!  So off to my cousins shower the next weekend, then her wedding the next saturday and the last saturday in May my little sister graduated High School!   I had so much stress on me, I didn't have time to temp.  Just sooo frustrating.  I don't even know if I even O'd. :(   I just want to scream but I'm sure the neighbors would come running lol.  I think a padded room is calling my name soon. lol.  

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