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getting ready

Jun 07, 2011 - 1 comments

As the days count down and the day get closer to my surgery i get more sacred but i put my faith in god hands that he will take care of me that day and for the rest of my life .....I want to start the clomid but i have to do the surgery first den the pills den the iui every day i woke up that all i could think about is me being a mommy and a great one at that ....I pray to have a family with my husband if that the last thing i do ....That all my husband  wants is to have a child with me ..... we have the house the dog but no child yet to love .... i look at the picture's of lady's and see there belly and be like damn when that going to happen to me and my husband but i have faith that all will *** to us and i will be a mommy b 4 i could think bout it .... I pray when i was younger that i will get married b4 i turn 25 and i did i got married at 23 and im 24 now in a few months i will be 25 i said after 25 i dont want no kids because i will feel to old i still want to be a young mother and watch my child to grow as a adult ....   but lady keep the faith for me as well and keep me in prayer thanks lady's take care  

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by crystallee1004, Jun 07, 2011
that my husband

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