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And breathe.....................

Jun 09, 2011 - 2 comments

Yesturday was a super proper hormonal day. Poor Sam!!.
He decided to take a half day as he has a bad back and a sour throut (man flu!!!)
He walked through the door and i went mental - proper crazy women!! lol.
So we spent most of the day screaming at each other, the at the end of the night i went, Hmmm think my hormones are abit all over the place!! Oops!!

We're ok now, but all night my twingy crampy things got slightly more intence, don't know weather that was just because everything stretched in there quite abit on its own or it was because i'd spend the day completly stressed out and all tence.

So today Sam is off again, he's now been signed off with his back, aparently the Doc thinks he's caught his Siatic nerve, which yes is bad but there's nothing wrong with him!! lol.
We're both going to spend the day having a nice stroll by the harbour, maybe grab some lunch out and do nothing all day - Might even manage to get him to run me a bubble bath. 3 years together and it hasn't happened yet!!!

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1568930 tn?1326706216
by Lizwishes, Jun 09, 2011
i know the feeling, i spent the day crying and screaming at my bf.....i was so annoyed over the stupidest things.  yep blame the raging hormones lol!!

try not to worry about the cramping i get it all the time, feel like af going to show at any moment.....apparently its completely normal 8 )

Hope you have a better day today! 8 )

1240856 tn?1333440354
by loved29, Jun 10, 2011
sounds like a good relaxing day will do wonders...and a bubble bath.

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