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Catheter site showing a little blood

Jun 09, 2011 - 2 comments

Woke up this morning with a little blood at the catheter site in the groin. Don't know if I should be too concerned about this. Maybe I just slept on my side too long with too much pressure on it. Brian's alreay gone to work so I'm alone. Think I'll call the doctor. I'm getting a little concerned thinking about what could happen.

Heart is doing great. Only a few thumps during the night.

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by Jannie411, Jun 09, 2011
Is it still bleeding?  I had a little bleeding the day of and morning after the ablation - just a few spots though.  I was told that this could happen and to put pressure on the spot where it was bleeding until it stopped.    If it's still bleeding, give the doctor a call.

P.S.  Did they put catheters in both sides of your groin or only one side?

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by merileegal, Jun 09, 2011
I'm 2nd day post and I was a little surprised. I put pressure on for 20 min. and called dr. per instructions. He told me to have someone here check it since he is 3 1/2 hrs. away so I had it checked. I had a little seepage from the right side, artery. She put a guaze pressure pack on it and I'm down for today. I took a baby aspirin last night because my release instructions said I  could go back on all of my over the counter meds and baby aspirin was on it. Dr. said the baby aspirin probably thinned my blood too much. If it continues, she'll check for thin blood.

Yes, I did have catheters in both sides. My left side had a lot less bruising.

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