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Jun 09, 2011 - 0 comments

I just finished my 30 day monitoring and it was a trying time. My PVC's are back and in full force. My heart rate is 100 - 120 resting and getting higher. I told my cardiologist and he said that because my blood pressure was so low 88/56 that he could not give me any more beta blockers. The electrophysiologist wants to see me next week hopefully he can help me. Since the beginning of May my heart rate has be creeping up and I am use to having a heart rate of about 70 and now I'm sitting on my couch running at 114. Then today was so hot...102 degrees I had 3 doctors appointments starting at 9am with the hematologist, had to get my port flushed, then at 11 my daughter had to go to the dermatologist, then at 3 I had to go to the endocrinologist...just to make sure my heart rate wasn't related to hyperthyroidism (which I had a few years ago from Amiodarone). The endocrinologist said that he thinks the heart rate problem is coming from my heart failure, since my EF is only 30% the heart is compensating by beating faster, which actually makes sense. I slept today when I finally got home...such needed rest.

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