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Today = Best day EVVVEERRRR!!

Jun 10, 2011 - 4 comments

Best day!!



Soooo it started off sucky.  Didn't get to sleep til 5:45 last night cause my dad as drunk and being an ***, as usual.  Woke up at 7 then at 10 and got up with the kids then.  Sister was yelling at me blah blah. lol.  Talked to the hubby and nothing exciting happening.  Got some things together for the yard sale...sort of lol, mostly slacked off.  Anyway, skipping to the good part, I talked to Bryan and things are going sooo good :)  First I talked to him and he made me mad and we hung up and I was angry, then he called back and told me the good news that he had forgot about til he talked to his Uncle again when he got home.  His uncle just bought another used van so Bryan can have the old one, needs windows and roof was dented in from the tornado, but that's nothing to fix!!  AND his Uncle agreed that if Bryan fixed the small things wrong with the new van he has that he will buy the clutch for his truck too!!!  So that means that we will own THREE vehicles (truck, mini van (ugh i hate mini vans but still! lol) and the crappy car I currently have)  !!!  But still I was super happy :) The truck is an S-10 and the van is a 2000 dodge caravan, Bryan hates mini vans too, but said it's super nice :)  Then I talked with him more in the evening and he sent me a picture of him now, he looks soooo different and soooooo much better!!!  Not all skinny and sickly and stuff like he was when he was down here using.  :)  I"m super happy, Tomorrow I"m gonna go yard sale and make some money too :) Gonna go take a super hot bath and relax then go to sleep! Good night world!!!  

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by MrNewHope, Jun 10, 2011
Now I really don't just go around giving these to just anybody, but you get a BMF sticker from me...BEST MOM FOREVER!!! :)

I think that's awesome! What about selling one of the other cars? That's what I'd do, but then again it's good to have a backup in case one goes down.

There will be more best days to come when your husband gets back :)

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by tgtiffany, Jun 11, 2011
Thanks :)  :D  We thought about selling the car that I have now, to pay for some of the cost of us moving up there, so we'll see what happens with that.  I just hate selling stuff. lol.  I know we really don't need it though.  His cousin is up there though and just got clean and has been clean for a while now, trying to get her son back, and doesn't have a car.  So we might just give it to her or sell it or whatever.  Haven't decided yet though.  Anywho, soooo today I made $10.  Kind of ***** cause I was there almost all day (well half cause got out late) and got OMG sunburned!!! lol  I even put sunblock on!  Not enough though I guess lol I hate the stuff.  But going again tomorrow earlier and hopefully make more money :D

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by cleaninitup, Jun 11, 2011
Glad things are looking better for the 2 of you!!!!  Yard sales are so much work-the city is having their citywide sale this weekend and I just brought a bunch of stuff down to my neighbors! lol  too much work for me. Hopefully you will have better luck today! H

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by tgtiffany, Jun 11, 2011
haha, we live in the country so it's even harder.  And have to pack up everything and bring home everyday cause ppl will steal it if we don't :( That's the part that ***** the MOST and what takes us so long everyday to get going!  It's off the highway so it's harder to sell cause ppl are flying by and don't stop as easily you know? But I figure I'm sitting here doing nothing I might as well sit there and do nothing and try to make money lol

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