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Attempting number 2

Jun 12, 2011 - 0 comments

I'm on Mirena and I will be getting it removed in November. I start School in September for a 45 week course in college, I am hoping to get pregnant again so when I graduate my course soon after I will be having Child number 2. After Baby number 2 I plan to start working again I feel good knowing I have everything planned out for me. I love knowing that my life is on the track for me, I know that I'm only 19 but I dont want to be older when I have my children, I would rather have my children young and that way I can get my Life back while I'm in my 30's. I hope this doesnt sound selffish, because I'm finacially stable now, I love children and I can handle it. On top of that I want my children to grow older close in age.

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