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A Nutcracker Syndrome Tale

Jun 12, 2011 - 2 comments



Nutcracker syndrome


Pregnancy nutcracker



I am a 25 year old female diagnosed with it 3 years ago. I had left lower abdominal pain. dysparunia, and micro-hematuria. I had two renal vein angioplasties, without stent placement, with immediate symptom relief after each, but  eventually returned. On third attempt to angioplasty, it was discovered the renal vein had completely collapsed. After around 6 more months of pain, the pain suddenly stopped. Vascular surgeon said my body had probably created more collaterals, which alleviated the pain. That was 2009 and 2010.¬†¬†Fast forward to 2012 and I have been trying to conceive for 17 months with no success. Went to a reproductive endocrinologist, who did all ovary function test, tubes test, sperm test, bloodwork....all normal. Dr suspected endometriosis from an internal pelvic exam. Dr performed an internal ultrasound which showed the pelvic congestion varicose veins all pressing on my uterus. Dr performed a laparoscopy. Found moderate endometriosis and of course, varicocele or large tangle of varicose veins, only on left side, due to nutcracker. Dr removed endo with laser. Dr also used laser ablation on varicocele walls to prevent it from pulling on my uterus. I am now three weeks post laparoscopy. Initially my left kidney hurt, but has since stopped. Now I am having pain at the surface of my skin in my left leg crease near groin area. I am guessing this is where the varicose veins re-routed. I am hoping this will subside, but I am most hoping that I am able to get pregnant! Dr says everything looks good now, so our fingers are crossed. If you have gotten    gotten pregnant with female nutcracker. , let me know! Just thought I would add my story! Please message if you have any info regarding baby making and NCS!

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by Jren88, Mar 11, 2013
I was recently diagnosed with nutcracker syndrome. I am still waiting to hear from my vascular surgeon about my options and whether or not to proceed with surgery. I have been having lower abdominal pain  for several months now but so far have not experience blood in my urine. I am also wanting to get pregnant so
on but have been waiting to see if I should get the surgery first. Have you had any success conceiving? Have your symptoms returned? Thanks so much for your help-I am very nervous and scared about this whole thing and have not gotten a lot of answers

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by Thekla924, Feb 20, 2015
I was just treated for NCS and CCSVI in Brooklyn by Dr Sclafani.  There doesn't seem to be anyone treating it in Europe.  The patient after me came from Finland.  He placed 2 stents in my renal vein to anchor them well.  As they expand at body temperature, I had some uncomfortable back pain for the week following.  Now it doesn't seem like serious pain, but it definitely feels different, somewhat odd in my left gut and some pressure in my back.  My bladder function also seems different.  I'm not sure whether this is good or bad yet.  My left side feels fuller.  Maybe things are sorting themselves out.  He said after the first couple weeks, they are so pressed into the endothethial walls that they can't migrate, almost grown in.  I don't know about conceiving afterwards, I already had 2 pregnancies---both with what I called 'back labor' but it now seems likely the back pain was related to the NCS.  

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