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Lexi - No call for therapy yet

Jun 13, 2011 - 2 comments










So it's been 1 month since our IFSP (family meeting) and therapy was supposed to start within 30 days.  I haven't even heard from anyone to schedule therapy.  I left a message for our coordinator this morning and am waiting to hear back.  I know that most likely it will be atleast 60 days until occupational therapy starts but her speech therapy should have been under way by now.

On a good note, Lexi is picking up more words every week.  She still isn't consistent but there is a strong effort on her part now to repeat words with one and two syllables and even two word sentences.  She's been attempting to say:  bubble, tickle, kitty and I love you.  Of course, nite nite and blowing kisses are her favorites.  She also has said juice and when I asked if she was hungry she actually responded with a "yeah" and ran to the kitchen.  She has also picked up the following words:  up, down, slide, swing, outside and inside (said only as side) and several others that I cannot think of off hand.

Lexi has also taken to her stuffed lamb, sleeping with him every night.  This has allowed me to use him to keep her from pulling her hair out.  Some days I feel like I am fighting a losing battle with this.  While it seems that she has slowed down the amount she is pulling out, I am discouraged to see that she is attempting to pull out her eyelashes and eyebrows.  We will keep at it with "lamby" (creative, I and hope that therapy starts soon.

I am also worried about my job when therapy starts.  I work an hour away in what is now a 3 person office.  A co-worker was recently fired and they have decided not to replace her.  I'm not really sure what to do right now.  I truly like where I work and the people I work for but am worried about needing to possibly come in late or leave early 3 days a week and being so far from Lexi.  I guess only time will tell right now.

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535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jun 13, 2011
awww thanks for the update about Lexi the wait is frustrating isnt it, she sounds as if she is doing okay ..goodness thats a long wait you have to wait for everything ,.as for work I am assuming you have a boss can they be flexible on hours for you ? any work you can catch up with on the PC at home?One thing you are so caring your daughter is going to be okay she sounds like a happy child ..thats always due to kind good parents who look to their childrens needs .good luck

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by jb41799, Jun 13, 2011
That is what I am hoping, is that they can work with me.  I've kept my boss informed of everything, every step of the way however some of our work is very customer/phone call based and I can't get a good feel for how she feels about things.  I've worked from home before at a previous employer, same line of work, without a problem.

And yes, Lexi is an extremely happy child.  My uncle summed it up.  I don't get to see him and his family too often but I did recently with my sister re-marrying.  He commented at the end of the night that my children seem very happy.  I really do try to give them my best and they are my #1 priority.  I make mistakes but I learn from them as well.

And the wait...well, that's what we get for going through the state instead of privately.  However, if we did this privately, we have a $50 co-pay instead of a much reduced co-pay through the state.  I am thankful that they've given us exercises, etc. that we can do with her while waiting for therapy.  I think that is where her progress is coming in at.

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