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9 DPO symptoms

Jun 13, 2011 - 4 comments

9 dpo




Trying To Conceive

First month to use Natural Progesterone Cream

- gassy
- dizzy
- constipated
- UTI like cramps and peeing frequently
- barely there spotting for about 3 hours yesterday (started out brown then turned to a faded pink then disappeared)
- light AF type cramps on and off for a few days now
- VERY sore breasts, esp on sides

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1676569 tn?1390278153
by Yanna26, Jun 13, 2011
8dpo, ive had some light spotting for about 3days but not alot and only when I wiped, headache, gassy, frequent urination, and at 3dpo had some light cramping. Hopefully this is our early symptoms of pregnancy SSBD

1693461 tn?1374515429
by FairyGirl15, Jun 13, 2011
Heh it seams that we're having the same issues or near enough. No spotting but watery cm. Gassy, constipated and when I do go, diarreah, Nausia off and on. Headaches, feeling pressure...I nearly was unable to fit in my pants...Moody, tired all the time. Im not expecting AF till the end of the month.

1615840 tn?1311193791
by bnphillips28, Jun 13, 2011
Ladies, it does sound like we are having a lot of the same symptoms! I hope we all get our BFP this month! I forgot to add headache and bloated to my list of symptoms! This morning I was wiggling like crazy trying to get into my pants that are normally a little loose! I have a short luteal phase so I'm expecting AF tomorrow (10dpo). Although i'm not entirely sure what will happen this cycle since its my first month using natural progesterone cream! When are you ladies expecting AF to show??

1693461 tn?1374515429
by FairyGirl15, Jun 13, 2011
Im not expected for my AF to show till maybe a week or 2? near the end of the month. I have a normal 28 day cycle. And I haven't used any helpers, ttc naturally.

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