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Carpal Tunnel during pregnancy?

Jun 13, 2011 - 5 comments



during pregnancy


Carpal Tunnel







My friend Jamie warned me about this (she's on her 2nd pregnancy) and we're only in our late 20's but now I am getting numbness, cramping, and aching mostly in my right wrist.  I am in my 13th week and this just started last week sometime but I'm wondering if it's carpal tunnel?  Jamie said that apparently getting carpal tunnel in pregnancy is more common (oh joy) and she's had it during both pregnancies (which were pretty much back to back for her).  

Is anyone else experiencing this?  Do you think it could be carpal tunnel or something else?  I do administrative work all day so I'm not surprised that I'd get it at this point and i don't think it's a sprain and definitely not broken.  It mostly aches more when I make a fist and sometimes (usually in the morning) hurts so bad that when I try to pick up a glass of water, I have to set it right back down and use my other hand.  

What do you think?  I will mention it at my next OB appointment but that's not until the end of the month.

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by Dolphin05, Jun 13, 2011
In my opinion it sounds like the start of carpal tunnel. I have severe carpal tunnel without being pregnant and mine is getting worse. For me if i type, write, cut food, stir something, or do my hair for even a short period of time my hand go numb. I will then also get a shooting type pain to my elbows that last for a few minutes. I really hope yours does not get to this point but there is a chance. They do sell braces you can wear and they do help to a point.

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by angelsrejoice, Jun 14, 2011
Hi I have Carpel Tunnel Too...without being pregnant.... but it gets so much worse for me during my pregnancies. I have a wrist brace for each hand that I bought years ago and they work great at night. It really helps to cut down on the numbness/tingling while I sleep as that's when mine is the worst. If I don't wear them, I will wake up in so much pain and numbness I can't help but cry it hurts so bad. I can barely feel or pick things up in the morning and it often takes 20 minutes to completely go away. I also get shooting pains from my shoulder and/or elbow into my wrist. Right now I am pregnant and my hands go numb from just about all daily tasks but handwriting is by far the worst right now!

Definitely look into the wrist brace/wrap for overnight and they even make some that are specific for while you type/write. I have one brand called TruFit and the other is ACE brand. If you type in "carpal tunnel wrist brace" at you'll see a wide variety of braces. Mine is the type that has the removable splint for added support which works the best at night, remove it for more flexibility to type and write if you need to wear it during the day.

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by KAnuCmEY, Jun 14, 2011
I had it with my first pregnancy around 20 weeks it started, but thankfully it ended shortly after delivery. To my surprise I haven't gotten it with my last two pregnancy's.

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by DollFacePR, Jun 28, 2011
Mine is started last week (at my 20wks) and is really bad, specially in the morning...I have a drs appointment next monday,so I'll ask her what it is, but from the books I've read they say is carpel tunnel and is bcs all the extra blood and the swelling we go through...

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by Kimberleigh2208, Jun 28, 2011
Mine has not been bothering me much lately.  I wonder why?  Maybe I just strained it on something when I first posted this and it's healed since I've been so lazy since then!  ;)  I'm 15 weeks and have an appointment tomorrow so I'll probably mention it but since it's not bothering me now, I doubt there's much they can do/see.

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