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Need a new Primary Care Provider

Sep 23, 2008 - 0 comments

find new doctor



I think I've hit wit's end with my regular doctor.  When I started seeing him, I explained that I was looking for someone to play ringleader to all my specialists and someone who was willing to keep on top of EVERYTHING that was going on with me.  I wanted someone who could manage my general health conditions, such as my allergies, with a mind to the big picture of all the other things that are going on with me.  He was young, and I thought that would work to my advantage in that he would have the energy to rise to the challenge and be willing to admit what he didn't know and do the legwork to find it out.  In the beginning, I felt like it was really working out well.  

But my list of frustrations has just grown and grown.
-He orders my medication refills in one or two month increments, so I have to keep begging for more.  This is stuff that I *always* take and all my other general practitioners have always just written for 6 months or a year at a time because it never changes--like my rescue inhalers for my asthma.
-He is only in the office certain days of the week, and if you have an urgent illness, you can NEVER get in to see him that week.  It's usually three weeks at the soonest.  So you're stuck using the emergency room if you need urgent care.  Unacceptable.
-He doesn't return his own phone calls, and leaving messages with his office staff is like playing a bad game of "telephone" in middle school.  He always gets the message slightly wrong.  Even my pharmacy is fed up with dealing with them.
-He says things like, "yes, we'll do a blood test to rule that out.  How about we do that when you come back next month."  Why would you put off a blood test for a month when you could do it that day?  Are we hoping we can just ignore symptoms and they'll go away on their own??

But my real problem is that I'm on Medicaid, and I really don't know how to find another doctor who takes medicaid who is any better than the one I have now.  And with my complicated health problems, starting over with a new doctor is a HUGE undertaking, so I don't want to just jump into something without knowing about the doctor first.  How do I find a new doctor and allow myself the space to be really picky about it, when in reality many doctors are picky about taking patients with medicaid?

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