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Improvement ?

Jun 14, 2011 - 0 comments






The past few months have been hectic . Since being diagnosed with Orthostatic Hypotension over a year ago , it wasn't all that bad . A little Gatorade here and there , and everything was fine . It even got to the point where i didn't need Gatorade at all anymore . Lately however it has gotten pretty severe . I couldn't do anything without experiencing an immediate head rush and disorientation and i would fall down so much , to the point that it made my family angry because they think i'm faking or over exaggerating . I drink 32 fl oz of Gatorade and it does nothing for me . It got to the point at school that i had to sit out during extensive exercises in gym and my teachers would constantly ask me if i'm 'alright' . But ever since the chaotic episode i experienced earlier this month (will explain on another occasion) It has improved a little . I have found myself going a full day without falling (however still feeling dizzy , but i consider that being normal now :P) I have been keeping track ,  and the most episodes I've had in a day was 4 :) that's good right ?

P.S What i mean by 'falling' is that i experience presyncope :)

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