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Jun 10, 2011 - 3 comments

Tried checking CP... seemed Low but very soft and open.  I don't check enough to really know my positioning though.

Fertility Friend thinks I O'd.

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by annaluna, Jul 19, 2011
how do you check ur cervix?? i think i doin right but just wanna make sure i dont know really what im feelin for there lol...and how do you know if its OPEN???

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by ylime1207, Jul 19, 2011
This is definitely the trickiest part for me.  After washing your hands, get in a position to easily "access" youself, haha!  I usually do it while sitting on the toilet or similar position.  You stick one or two fingers in your vaginal canal, preferably your longest fingers.  You are supposd to feel around for the tip of your cervix.  It's in the shape of a little donut the size of about a quarter (I think).  You are supposed to check for 3 things.  

The first is if your cervix is Low, Medium, or High, meaning how far you have to reach before you can touch your cervix.  This is different for every woman, but I've heard it suggested that if you stick in on knuckle of your finger in and can reach it, it is Low.  If you stick in up to the second knuckle of your finger, that is Medium.  High would be your entire finger or even beyond reach.

The second is to check how soft your cervix is.  Hard feels like the tip of your nose where Soft feels like your bottom lip.

The last thing is to check if it is Open or Closed, in other words, if the "hole" of the "donut" is opened or more of a slit.  Women that have had a baby in the past are always slightly open, they just have to note when it more open than other times.

The trick is to do it the same time everyday because the cervix actually moves around all day.  It takes a long time of practicing, but you should be able to pick up what's normal for your body.  In general, when it is Low, Hard, and Closed you are not fertile at this time.  It then travels and changes to High, Soft, and Open just as you are about to ovulate and considered fertile.

1706625 tn?1343061713
by annaluna, Jul 19, 2011
confusing lol, i have kids so it will prob be harder to tell and a titled cervix i should add.....but i like how you explain it, i can def understand it a lot better now, i did look online durin this time, but it all was a bit confusing!! but i will try once AF is gone and see what i can chart and try to keep up with it all...never knew it'd be SO much work to actually make a baby LOL, Ooh, and thanks!!!!!

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