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New step target

Jun 13, 2011 - 4 comments

So my step counter connects to my Nintendo DSi to keep track of my daily steps. The day I got it, it started my step target at 3000 steps. A couple days later, it bumped the target 4000 steps. As of today, my new target is 5000 steps a day. I realize this is considerably lower than the recommended daily step target, but this way is working for me. The more often I reach the current target, the sooner it will be bumped up. Instead of starting out for 10,000 steps a day (and failing like I have before) I'm happy to work at maintaining a lower number and working my way to a higher number. :)

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1572936 tn?1317352935
by lilrhibabie, Jun 14, 2011
:3 you go girl!!! <3 you :) i wanna get a step counter!! but im always worried they wont work! lol

1285110 tn?1420147378
by Whatawoman72, Jun 15, 2011
You do what is right for you -  what worksa -  I find it a real hard thing to do some days to get over 10,000 steps -  especially if the weatehr is bad and my exercise is confined to the home. x

1462044 tn?1448394736
by toxicBOOM, Jun 15, 2011
Rhi- I've had a few different ones, and sometimes they are inaccurate, but at least you have an idea of what you're fitting in to a day. Or at least that's how I see it. :)

Whatawoman- I've found it hard to fit in much exercise since I started driving. Instead of walking everywhere like I used to, I drive. And, like you said, the weather DOES make it hard to get out and fit in ANY exercise.

1285110 tn?1420147378
by Whatawoman72, Jun 15, 2011
I now have a knee injury andhave been told not to continue with exercise - and to not push myself step wise.... rest with an elivated leg with an ice pack as much as possible! great!

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