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Another health issue.....GALLSTONES!!!!

Jun 15, 2011 - 8 comments

So I went toER yesterday cause my chest hurt, they did X-ray and blood work said it was normal if it gets worse. O me back,later I started throwing up,so after a few hours of that I went back to the ER. They did an ultrasound and found that my gallbladder is FILLED with gallstones........WTF!!!!!!!!

I can't catch a break i swear.......they wanted to admit me but I said no i will see surgeron tomorrow.......has anyone had y deal with this before?..........FML!!!!

Sorry for sp.....using this freaking iPad!

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by pawfl04, Jun 15, 2011
Yes..I did and youll be very sick until u get it (the gallbladder) out!!!I had many gallstonesand it was very swollen so...I had to have it removed. Usually the can get it out thru ur bellybutton but if the gallbladder is to big the abdomen has to be cut across and they get it out that way.
But dont put this off because it could burst in yur abdomen  and it will poision u quickly!!  (I was very close to that)

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by turkee23, Jun 15, 2011
Going to see surgeon in an hour I'm sure henwillnwant to take it out cause they're always cut happy......lemme ask you,were u getting dizzy spells by chance before u had it removed?

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by turkee23, Jun 15, 2011
surgery on tuesday!

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by margypops, Jun 15, 2011
check out gastroenterology forum lots of folks with gall bladder problem ..hope it works out some folks have attacks but manage to keep the gall bladder, but the surgeon obviously thought it was bad .good luck hope its okay soon ..

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by aheart, Jun 15, 2011
I just wanted to say there has been a couple different people at work with this and the sooner you get it out the better, you don't need your galbaladder but once it has problems it can make you a very sick girl! Good Luck hon and soon you will be feeling fine, I believe the recup time is a couple weeks. God Bless you! ♥♥

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by dominosarah, Jun 16, 2011
I had mine out years ago and it was the best decision i could of made.  

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by turkee23, Jun 16, 2011
i hear all good things about this surgery, and i dont seem AS nervous as last time i had surgery.....just gotta stay positive

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by sweetpea03, Jun 16, 2011
You don't need your gall bladder and if you keep it, you'll be at a much higher risk for getting gall bladder attacks again later on, which are very painful. The surgery is very simple, so it's not worrisome. They do a couple small incisions and it's all done by robotic surgery. Hope you feel better soon!

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