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Went to the electrophysiologist...not sure if I like what I'm getting into

Jun 15, 2011 - 3 comments

Heart Failure

I changed electrophysiologist just recently and I'm not sure if I like the outcome. The doctor did a 30day monitoring and it showed 1st degree heart block, over 6000 PVC's per day, over 350 missed beats per day. The doctor decided to change my anti-arrhythmic medicine to Tikosyn from Betapace. So I have to go into the hospital to change medicines on monday...I suppose to stop taking the betapace on Friday so I can start the new one on Monday. He said that we are out of rhythm options...I have been on every anti-arrhythmic, except the very old ones. We even talked about Amiodarone again but because it caused me to have hyperthyroidism I can't take it again...aarrgg. I am so done! Now I must research old anti-arrhythmic drugs so that if the Tikosyn don't work I will know what to do next. He also said I was not having enough PVC's for another ablation...not that I am mad about that I have had 4 of those already....don't really want another one...seeing as though I have to get one every 2 years. Anyway just wanted to vent...I love this journal thing, I get to vent and no one really has to listen lol

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by bbxx, Jun 15, 2011
Oh, I listened. lol I am sending you a private messge (if you accept them)

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by margypops, Jun 15, 2011
Me too I read your journal and I am sorry you are having this to go through ..hey venting is good I  do it and it doesn't matter as you say if no one notices ....well I hope you get some help from the next procedure ..good luck  

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by paperclip46, Jun 16, 2011
Keep on keeping on.  Enjoy your blog and enjoy your life. -- Life is for living!

I am sure you are doing all the right things to stay healthy - good diet, exercise a bit, and have FUN!

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