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end of day 19

Sep 24, 2008 - 0 comments


so i went to see my methadone doctor today, he thought i was back in to be re-scripted, so when i said, "no! I'm 19 days off it!" he was really really surprised. he said he hasn't actually had anyone get off it, and was really interested to know how i was and what was working for me.

i said, "well.... i feel like a mutant zombie with a head full of cotton candy and i wish it would be over".

but he was well impressed. i think he didn't really expect me to do it. i got some more mogodon.

it took me til about 2.30pm today before my fuzzy brain would work enough to think properly. before that, i really was just a zombie. it might be a side effect of restavit. so i'm not having any tonight, i'll see if tomorrow my head is clearer.

i'm really over the skin nonsense. sick of feeling cold and goosepimply. i'm pretty over the whole thing in general actually.

oh yeah, my unused takehomes.... i didn't bother taking them back to the chemist. i tipped them down the sink, i think it was day 13 maybe. it was an odd feeling, tipping them. and i totally washed the bottles out, so clean. then chucked them, after first taking the label off and ripping my name and the word methadone up. there was no compulsion at all to drink them. But i'm really glad they're gone, as a few days ago, or even this morning, i might have considered it...

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