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Lexi - Good Weekend

Jun 20, 2011 - 1 comments




We had a pretty good weekend this weekend.  Unfortunately, Lexi is still pulling out her hair and I've noticed she has moved onto grabbing at her eyebrows and eyelashes.  I don't think she's managed to actually pull any out yet.  When I see her starting to tug, I make sure to hand her lamby.  She immediately stopped tugging and grabs and hugs lamby.  

Saturday was a fairly good day for us.  Lexi slept in for a little while.  When she woke, I brought her downstairs to eat breakfast with Rory.  Rory ate, Lexi didn't.  Lexi did drink quite a lot though and has consistently brought her cup to us for more to drink.  At times, even saying Joo in an attempt to say juice.  One of the times Lexi brought me a cup it was the wrong one.  I pointed to her cup and asked her to bring her cup to me.  I repeated this several times and she eventually followed my directions.  After handing me the correct cup, as usual, she ran into the kitchen, to the refridgerator to await me to refill her cup.  I also asked her to say More which after several times, she did attempt to repeat.

Lexi has also picked up trying to say Rory (which isn't easy for adults to even say).  Later Saturday, we took both girls to the park.  Lexi just loves the slides and swings and enjoys following Rory around the park.  Rory loves to have Lexi on her lap to go down the slides.  Both my girls love to be outdoors so I try to take them outside as much as possible.  It keeps them happy and tires them out which is a bonus for me.

I still worry about Rory at times.  I want to focus on providing our own therapy to Lexi at home and not exclude or dismiss Rory at the same time.  I hope and pray that we are doing well with them both.  Rory still has a lot of anxiety when it comes to things with the cars and now feet (weird, I know, but definitely stems from the nasty splinter she had), and I am doing my best to calm her fears without giving in to her fits over them.  I'll talk with the pediatrician at her 4 year checkup in August to see what more we can do.

I'm sorry, I'm rambling and no one can probably even follow what I'm saying but I just needed to write it all down.

I'm proud of the progress Lexi has and is making and hope the PDD diagnosis will be reversed but also worry that she is autistic.  I know it's too early to tell.  On a good note, she was in the swing last night and I was talking to her when she made and kept eye contact for a good 20 to 30 seconds.  I know she hears us because she does follow some direction, looks and responds when we call her name.

If I tell her to get on the couch so I can change her diaper, she does so.  If I tell her to grab her shoes because we are going outside, she does this as well and now she has followed direction with her sippy cup.

I just don't know what to think but I'll keep working at it either way.

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by jenkaye21, Jun 20, 2011
Aw, I'm glad to hear you had a good weekend!  Sounds like you are doing things right.  And documenting is a great idea, that way you will remember what works.  Hang in there!  Once the proper treatment/therapy is found, *amazing* progress can be made with any child.  Good luck!

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