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in the hospital waiting....

Jun 20, 2011 - 1 comments

Today I went into the hospital to start a new anti-arrythmic medication called tikosyn I told the doctor that if it don't work we can try the drug that I found ethmozine (found it on wikipedia, and my college said not to use them,,,ha that has been the most useful site ever other than this one :) I had another echo and the tech told me that my EF was not as low as the other echo stated woohoo! but she didn't tell me what the EF was, going to ask the doc tomorrow.
Please tell me why every time I go into the hospital they screw up my medication?!? I bought all of my drugs (bottles and all) to the hospital and the nurse told me to send them back with my husband and what happen tonight? they screw it all up! I should have kept my meds! This is so frustrating!

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by Mom2four85, Jun 21, 2011
oh no, hopefully they get your meds fixed; that could be really dangerous.  

do you keep a list of current meds typed up? I have to because they don't even have one of mine listed (Midodrine) listed in any of the hospitals around here; they have to end up google searching what it is how it's used etc to put it in their systems =)

another thought is to copy the prescription page you get from the pharmacy to keep in your purse then you don't have to take the bottles

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