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I lost my baby!!!! (crazy dream)

Sep 24, 2008 - 4 comments

Last night I dreamed I was at a bookstore and I had Emma with me in her car seat and we were walking around and she started to cry so I found a chair and sat down to breastfeed her. Well I was got out the blanket I would use to cover myself with while feeding her and when I went to get her out of her car seat she wasn't there! I started screaming someone had stolen my baby and got up and was running around the entire store and some a couple of women were like, okay we'll help you find her and were helping me look and then we spotted her down a random aisle eating a potato chip off of the ground. I grabbed it from her and picked her up and just cried and cried. Well I woke up right about then and I was actually crying and my heart was beating SO fast and hard like I had really been running.

well I got up and took a cold shower. And even though I know none of that really happened, somehow the dream made me feel like i will be a bad mom. I've always been so confident that I will be a great mother but maybe deep down I really doubt myself. Well it was SUCH a vivid dream and that fear was so real it was just so scary. That was a really intense panic, it kinda ruined my sleep I didn't wake up feeling rested at all. But basically I am just a little surprised that my first baby scare happened before she was even born. =/

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by Atlantisea, Sep 24, 2008
It is completely normal to have dreams like this, in fact it proves that you will be a good mum because you are worried about it and will be paying attention to whether you are doing a good job or not. (actively trying to be a good mum)

If it makes you feel any better, I am known around my family and friends as 'a really good mum' and I still have dreams like that. (that sort of worry is pretty much what parenting is all about)

I had one about a year ago (kids would have been 3 and 6 years) where we were at a family picnic and on the way home there wasn't enough room in the car so I put Anna (3yrs) in the boot. It was the middle of summer and when I remembered where she was (a few hours after getting home) I ran to the boot of the car. I opened it and lifted her out and she was dead in my arms.

Needless to say, I woke up screaming.                            It felt so real.

We seem to get more of these sorts of dreams while pregnant though. It should calm down a bit once you have Emma.  Just try to think happy thoughts before going to sleep!

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by CYW, Sep 24, 2008
oh sweetie.... i had the most wierdest dreams too.. it's the not knowing...feeling nervous etc... you will be a great mommy hunnie...dont you worry about it...

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by tfernandez, Sep 25, 2008
Atlantisea- wow that sound rough, I hate it when the dreams are so vivid and real and you wake up in a panic and all that. i felt bad about losing her but wow at least I didn't have a full on nightmare like having to see one of my children dead, that would be so sad even as a dream, cause I often don't know I'm dreaming when in a really realistic dream. I wake up and it takes me a second to realize it was a dream.

CYW- Aww thanks for the kind words, i dont actually expect to fail and I suppose I will probably get more crazy and worried dreams well into emma's life because as both of you put it a mom's job is to worry. I guess its something to get used to, being a mom will be wonderful without a doubt but its so new to me I guess i'm a little stressed and scared of it but I didnt even know i was lol!

525485 tn?1314364901
by Lance06, Sep 25, 2008
I believe these dreams are all normal during pregnancy. I too had an awful dream last night. (Well, for the past 48 hours, I have felt NO movement after having felt it actively for 7 consecutive days). I had a dream that I went to my u/s today (which is at 230 for real) and that they told me there was no heartbeat and I just lost it. My mom and hubby are going with me, and I remember walking out of the room, telling my mom I needed a ride home, called into work for a week and didnt want to talk/see anyone.
I am hoping this is all just a dream and that the baby is fine because I am so anxious today!

Im sure it was nothing, but I think we dream what we fear the most! And I think you dreamt that because it is a fear of yours! No will be a great momma!

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