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another 2ww...

Jun 22, 2011 - 3 comments





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DPO 6 & 7- mild low cramping on the left side; too late to be ovulation pain-- hopefully implantation??? (fx)

DPO 8- teeny bit of brown spotting (not even spotting, really, only when I wipe)  Tested anyway, b/c today was my due date and really really REALLY wanted a bfp by this day..... BFN. :(

DPO9- slightest bit of brown spotting and mild low cramping, KILLER headache....'nother BFN

DPO10- more of the same; headache still here this morning

DPO 11- slightly heavier "spotting"

DPO 12- same.  wish AF would just get here already so we can try again....

Even though I am scared to call the doctor-- scared that they will laugh me off the phone for calling after "only" 6 months of ttc-- I am determined to call this month once AF starts for sure.  At least I will have done that much, even if I don't get any answers.

Still *a little* concerned that scar tissue from my d&c may be to blame, since I never had trouble conceiving before it, but since my periods have been normal I kinda ruled it out.  But I just came to realize that scar tissue could be present and bocking my tubes-- not neccessarily in my uterus--and my period would still be normal but the egg couldn't get out. :(  

DPO 13- Ugh,  Was gonna call the doc today and make an appt, but after 5 days of light spotting, then slightly heavier spotting, I still wouldn't say AF is here, for sure.  I'll hold out one more day, but I'm SURE I'm not pregnant.  Just waiting.  

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1351078 tn?1416313146
by retta483, Jun 22, 2011
my fingers and toes are crossed for you :)  I would call who cares what they think  I just emailed my dr saying Im sick of buying hpt to get a faint not too sure line and i wanted a beta test done .my ob says your trying too hard and stressing your body out  I feel like putting my fingers in my ears and not listning to her when she says that . Im praying for you I hope this is it and you get your Rainbow baby :)

719902 tn?1334165183
by jenkaye21, Jun 24, 2011
Thanks, you too!!  I am hoping we both see those double lines SOON!! Testing and getting BFNs really really s ucks.:(  I plan to call my doc Monday, you're right, who cares what they say??  I wanna know what's going on!!

1532937 tn?1357200393
by msfrank107, Jun 24, 2011
Im keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. Hope you get your bfp soon.

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