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First u/s

Sep 24, 2008 - 2 comments

Thank God, today I did my first u/s at 6 weeks we barely heard a heart beat but thank God we heard it. Out of the 3 embryos transfered only one attached. I had a feeling they could be 2 cuz I have gained so much wieght so fast, and the pregnancy symptoms were much more severe than with my first baby, but I was wrong only one baby (Thank God) maybe its because of the IVF and all its drugs? (my first baby was concieved naturally). I am still in disbelieve, I dont know why? Is it cuz I've been waiting so long? Anyways I'm praying for a healthy well baby.

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572254 tn?1297189358
by clairelou88, Sep 25, 2008
wahay!!! glad you heard the heart beat! not going to be a ble to find mine out till im 9weeks so annoying!! twins?? wow bet your excited to find out if theres more then 1 surprise, i think at this stage most of us is still indisbelieve espesically if youve been waiting so long or never had children! i still dont even feel pregnant which worries me!hope everything goes wel :)

143123 tn?1274300825
by krushing, Sep 25, 2008
Yay for you!  I had my first u/s this morning.  I'm 5w5d today.  The nurse warned me we might not see a lot, but there was my baby with a heartbeat.  There was a blob beside the sac and nurse said it could be another sac or fluid.  I go Tuesday for another u/s and hopefully we make that determination then.  I am in disbelief I am pregnant.  After 2 miscarriages, I'm excited to be pregnant but nervous it will happen again.  If we make it past next week, then we will be farther than we've been before and that has to be a good sign.  Congrats on your u/s and Good Luck to you!!!

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