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Got great news!

Jun 24, 2011 - 0 comments





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Today i got good news... My A1c is 6.7 in just 26 days(close to a month) i had drop my A1C from a 9.0 to a 6.7 with a change of diet, more exercise and the correct dosage of insulin. I am so happy... I knew i could do it, just needed a more guidance.

The best news of it all is being told i can now i can try to conceive. Yay!!  When i was first told i had to get my sugars under control before ever conceiving i was disappointed... I felt intimidated because i was having such a hard time controlling my blood sugars and i thought it was never possible. But it is possible. anything is possible if you want it.

I told my hubby i am determined to get it under control so we can have a healthy child.

Today is my third day on Victoza at .6mg...the last two days the nausea sucked... i had it all day. i felt so sick to my stomach... I've also had some diarrhea too but thats not as bad when i first started Metformin. lol! Today seems to be good... haven't felt nausea yet... I kind of really liking the side effect of not far i have lost  4 lbs.  I don't know if i am not eating because i am so nauseated or just don't have urge to eat. I think its both. lol! It curbs your appetite so much that i have to force myself to eat.  

I really want to know how Victoza truly works. I have been trying to lose weight for the last two years.. I have been in 225-230 lbs. i would try the Low carb diet and my weight would go +/-1 to 2lbs or just stay the same...In the last two months i started to eat 6 healthy small meals a day, working out 6 days(doing P90x), and still the same results as to when i was on the low carb diet.. lose +/-1 or 2 lbs. or just stay the same.. still 225, until i started Victoza (two days ago)... i have only been on it for three days and i am down to 221. How is that possible...??

Oh crap i spoke too soon... i am feeling queezy... UGH!!  

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