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common causes of ngu

Jun 24, 2011 - 3 comments


terrific article on ngu and some of the most common causes of it.

note to most of our posters about adenovirus - it's incredibly common and unless you are participating in research, you aren't likely to be tested for it.  when you read on the forums about folks having urethritis symptoms for weeks/months, not responding to treatment and then suddenly just goes away, odds are it was a viral cause that needed to run its course. unfortunately we don't have treatments for adenovirus either.


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by flow1987, Jun 25, 2011
I find it interesting the article doesn't discuss CPPS (Non-Bacterial Chornic Prostatitis) as a cause of NGU. Like me, the last person I was dating actually had CPPS as well, and I seem to come across it a lot, and not just only on MedHelp.

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by gracefromHHP, Jun 25, 2011
I believe they are both considered separate issues.  

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by gracefromHHP, Jul 04, 2013

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