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Jun 28, 2011 - 4 comments












Hey everyone!!  Just wanted to update everyone on what's happening with me and everything :)  

Things are going super well with EVERYTHING!!!  So thank you everyone who have kept me and my family in your thoughts and prayers :)  They are much appreciated!!!  Hubby is doing well with the job and getting more jobs and stuff.  Also doing well with the addiction side of things too.  I'm really proud of him and he is proud of himself.  He knows that he is doing well and that everyone "approves" so it really gives him a boost of confidence :)  I started work again last Friday.  Things are well with that too.  They gave me my keys and said "Go run the floor" on the first day back!!!  I was kind of like uhm??? lol But everything came back so fast so it's good.  I"m glad that I went back, I needed a little break from everything and some "time for myself" if you can call it that lol.  Thanks again to everyone!  Now I just have to pack pack pack as I'm guesstimating that I'll be moving in the next 3-4 weeks.  

Does anyone have any cleaning/sorting/organizing/packing advise???? lol I really need it.  I have a LOT of stuff and need to minimize and pack the best way possible.  My husband says "just bring clothes for like two weeks and the little stuff you need and we'll get new stuff"  He hates packing and moving lots of stuff, and I' don't want to get rid of stuff just to go buy the same thing again as soon as I get there you know?  I'm frugal. lol.  So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me!!! lol

Planning on cleaning and stuff today as much as I can, maybe take the babies swimming when naps are over, not sure yet though.  Trying to stay motivated today :) And still smiling ;)

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by adgal, Jun 28, 2011
Congrats and so glad to hear all is going well in your world.  I just moved into a new house recently, work part time and have a little guy myself, so I know how challenging it can be managing it all.  I literally went room to room with this mindset...if I have not used it in a year, and won't use it in the next year, it's gone (unless of course it's a sentimental piece of somesort).  I took all of my son's outgrown clothing, my own that for whatever reason I won't wear again and took it to the charity I work for.  It was a great start.  I then started packing things I wouldn't need in the coming weeks.  I left out just enough clothes, pots and pans, dishes, etc. to get me through and plowed through the rest.  I found it easiest when my son was napping or in bed for the night and started a month before my actual move date.  

Those are really the only good tips I have although I have no doubt others will have more.  I hate moving!!  Good luck!

1641357 tn?1470495393
by tgtiffany, Jun 29, 2011
haha, Thanks so much :)  I started packing up more stuff today that I won't be using in the next month or so.  Mostly extra clothes and big clothes for the babies.  Also extra toys and stuff they don't usually play with right now.  Got rid of some of the baby baby stuff and going through the kids clothes again too.  I hate giving stuff to like Goodwill though because they charge outrageous prices for things they got for free, so I'm gonna probably put it on Craigslist or give it away to someone I know with little ones.  Tomorrow I"m doing it again and hopefully can get most dishes and stuff packed up as I'm not using any of those right now.  Thanks for the advice :)  

1653969 tn?1390331661
by cleaninitup, Jun 29, 2011
Not using dishes? lol I know what you meant but it sounds funny-glad everything is coming together and falling into place.Almost time for week #2 of work and hopefully your first very very well deserved paycheck!!!! woohoo $$$$.
When we were moving out here my hub was basically working out here and just back home on weekends so I got to pck the whole 9 rm house with evelyn that was 17monthes. Lets just say with him not there I got to get rid ALOT of stuff.It was funny watching him at our yardsale finding stuff he did want to get rid of.LOLI guess after living with my mom , who saves EVERYTHING!!! I have no problems getting rid of stuff.Its so much work to pack and orgnize and try to stay ontop of it all-dont let your ocd ruin your day lol. Love you girl and so happy for you and just think when you move up it will only be a 13 hr drive to my house lol  ♥ Heather

1641357 tn?1470495393
by tgtiffany, Jul 06, 2011
So I'm sort of frustrated about work too.  I got re-hired right, new number and everything had to add me back into the I'm assuming that I'm getting a normal check right?! Wrong! They still had my direct deposit information from THREE YEARS ago and direct deposited my check into my bank account.  Sounds fine right? WRONG. I have a block on my account because when I took my Jetta back cause I couldn't make the payment they wanted me to pay the whole amount again instead of just what I still owed so I said screw you I'm not paying it lol so they blocked my accounts and now I'm not sure if I'm gonna get my money :(. Good thing though is that it was pay for only one day so it was only like $60 bucks.  But still!!!  I was like hello!!!  

As for the packing, it *****. I suck at it too.  I can't seem to get rid of enough stuff.  Like, I still dont' have that much stuff I don't think, but I know Bryan is gonna think that I do.  But like, I don't see the point in getting rid of stuff just to have to buy it again when we get up there you know? It's dumb. I'd rather take the stuff we have and spend money on something else!!! And wtf a 9 room house? why would you even HAVE that many rooms...ever? lol I would have died. lol Just burn it down! lol My ocd is dumb too. I think it'd be easier if it was like in a house, I could go room by room, but it's not, it's been thrown together packed from the LAST time I moved and everything is crazy everywhere now!  Let's see what happens tomorrow though :) Pray for me!!!! :)

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