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possible etopic pregnancy

Jun 28, 2011 - 2 comments

I've been having cramping on my left side that has been continuos since i found out that I was pregnant.
I went for an U/S at almost 5wks to see if the baby is developing in the fallopian tube.
it was to early to see.
because the severe back pains and little spotting my Dr. has me going in for another U/S tomorrow. because they will be able to see now if that is where the baby is developing.
If thats the case then I will be rushed in for emergency surgery to remove the baby.
I've been crying all day and I feel so numb. I really hope that the baby is developing in the uterus like he's suppose to and that everything is alright. I'm terrified for tomorrow. I love this baby so much and i don't want to lose this little love.

Baby #2
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518733 tn?1333017015
by angelbabies, Jun 29, 2011
i went through this a few months back i was in and out of hospital having scans it was the worse thing ever it went on for a month with me coz the baby wasnt growing but it was in my womb! i really hope ur see a baby tomorrow! and u dont have to worry anymore! good luck! try to stay calm.

581359 tn?1454006442
by cminamyer, Jun 29, 2011
I've been through an ectopic pregnancy also, not fun but I didn't know I was pregnant until after it had already ruptured. When I got pregnant with my second one they did all the tests to see if it was ectopic...not fun. They did two ultrasounds to early and the 3rd at 7 weeks finally showed something...the baby was in my utures :-) The wait is horrible! Now we are going through it again, just found out were are pregnant again and have to do all the tests to make sure it's not another ectopic. I did have a question for you though...did they do blood work? What were your hcg numbers? Good luck and I hope all of this heartache was for nothing and your little bean is where it should be.

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