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The Storm May Be Calming Down!

Jun 30, 2011 - 2 comments



Multiple Sclerosis





Today was good! I have to say that save for last Friday when I was drugged with Morphine and Imitrex, I haven't felt better. I am hoping that my 17 day headache saga is coming to an end, but after the many failed attempts, my hopes aren't up high...not yet anyway. Prior to this last flare up, I had lost 11 pounds, guess I will be starting over after I'm done with this Prednisone. Which brings me to another point: I feel like I am in a tunnel, and idk if it's the Prednisone or the Elavil doin it!
   Boy oh boy am I glad this is happening now rather than when school starts back up!!!! I'm 1 semester away from becoming an RN, I don't have time for this stupid illness!

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by sarahw244, Jun 30, 2011
I really hope, too, that your headache woes are ending for you!  I know what you mean about school.  I have 2 semesters left.  I just graduated with my LPN in May and am awaiting for my chance to take the NCLEX.  While I haven't had a "flare" in months now, I have had a HORRIBLE time in clinicals!  I almost failed one clinical d/t all my symptoms which seem to be permanent.

I wish you much luck with your last semester of school and hope that everything goes well!  I especially pray that your headache goes away.  That can't be fun :-{  This neurological crap ***** while trying to get through nursing school!  :-)

(((Hugs to you)))   Sarah

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by patientnurse, Jul 07, 2011
Thanks Sarah!!! I know what you mean, trying to get through clinicals when you're feeling down in the dumps :( I literally hid my arms behind my back last semester so that no one would see them twitching while I was in clinical! I also had to perform a head to toe assessment with a partner with a full neuro exam...I forewarned my partner to NOT touch my right arm bc I'm definitely NOT going to feel it lol. Which makes me wonder how my nerve conduction test was all normal and you can pinch me to death and I won't feel a thing!
   Anyways...hope you're doing better and get to take the NCLEX soon! Don't wait too long, it's all the stuff you have in your head already!!!

Best Wishes,

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