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Fat, fat, fat

Jul 03, 2011 - 0 comments














I've gained so much weight...unh. I'm so scared to look at the scale these days. Yesterday, I ate SO much unhealthy food. I'm almost 200 lbs. now. And yes, I AM the 200 pounds. That's...less in kilograms, but I think a "stone" is about 20 lbs, so what I am is almost 20 stone. I'm desperate, but somehow still can't control my eating. I'm going to try to get myself to be more busy. Walking, dancing, classes at the local rec center, etc. I'm tempted to break the Sabbath just to get started because I'm scared I won't get started if I don't get myself somewhere where someone will guide me and I'll feel obligated to do this right away. Sigh. I can't think. I need to clean the house. Maybe I can get some steps in while doing so.

Also, I'm starting to use the Fitbit today. It's a pedometer, sleep tracker, activity tracker, and calorie-burned thinger. I pray I'll be able to do this well. Maybe I'll get a blessing to help with this endeavor. I'll die if I break 200.

I'm also going to start cooking at home and getting more sleep. Here goes trying to stick to that...

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