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Finally feeling my little girl kick :)

Jul 03, 2011 - 3 comments

little girl







Ok, so tuesday I was chatting away on the computer to a family member when I felt a pop in my belly. I wasn't exactly sure what it was but didn't seem to bother to much about it when it happened again, and again..
Again didn't think to much about it. The follwering morning I must of rolled over onto my belly during my sleep when I felt this pop again but so much stronger. Later that morning whilst I was having my morning cup of coffee (decaf of course) when I felt it again.
I went and visited my mum the next day and explained to her what I was feeling, She gave me a huge smile and said 'do you know what that it is? It's your little girl kicking!!' My mum was more happy than me! I didn't expect to feel it so soon, with it being my 1st proper pregnancy and only being 18wks.
So all day, all I could think about was waiting to feel my little girl kick or move. Me & DF decided on early night that night and watch some films in bed when I felt it again. I placed my hand on my belly and actually felt her kick my hand twice!! DF couldn't feel it yet, but I certainly could.
Now, I feel her kicking everyday :) and it's the most amazing feeling ever. The little monkey even kicks the doppler when am trying to find her heartbeat :)
Nearly half way there, 21wks to go!!! :D:D:D

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1510239 tn?1364931556
by Leyisel21, Jul 03, 2011
Ohhhh i remember that feeling.... Its amazing!!!! Enjoy it girl :-)

1510239 tn?1364931556
by Leyisel21, Jul 03, 2011
I meant thefl first time i felt her kick :)

1366197 tn?1394590911
by JoJo629, Jul 04, 2011
isnt that the best feeling ever??  Thats wonderful!

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