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Jan 22, 2008 - 0 comments

abdominal pain


lower abdominal

Im Harvey and i am from philippines 20 years old male. Im having a right lower abdominal pain and it started in the first week of december 2007 in the first two weeks it started 3-4 inches below the navel and i started to panic and i think it is appendicitis and it always slightly painfull not severe. This pain last on whole december. At january now i am always thinking about the pain but i noticed the pain lessen everyday but it is always recurrent in my lower right side abdomen. i am having a constipation for almost a whole year. now im thinking that the pain that i experience now is phychological or is it real i can not identify it. i can rate the pain 2 out of 10 but it really always make me think about it. Now the pain is lessen and sometime its gone and back but very slight pain. i hope it is not chronic appendicitis. Also can u advise me a drug to soften my stool that i can use regularly to prevent constipation. THANK YOU FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO WILL GIVE ME ADVICE.

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