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Jul 03, 2011 - 0 comments



Birth Control







Stomach nausea off and on all day. Has been like this for about two weeks now. Not a precise date but I am starting to track food/pain/naus again now... Felt great since period started a couple months ago... only one bad day - Wednesday on trip in B'ham I woke up in the usual pain but it went away after 5 hours. No pain since then and that was about a month ago. It's really just nausea. This seems to be how it starts... nausea intermittent, then nearly constantly/daily, then pain. I had a really rough day the week before last but likely also due to BC issue - double dose and cutting off my period since I already has one. Also, Russell noticed that skin and stomach cruddiness seemed to pop up specifically when I was having an early period last month (couple weeks ago). That might indicate more of a connection to something hormonal. In order to feel like I am trying SOMETHING, and SOON - I have decided to go off of birth control to see if my natural hormonal shifts still cause/relieve this sickness. If that has an impact then maybe I've been seeing the wrong type of doctors. FAM methods to start in two weeks.

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