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Another Old Blog I Wrote

Sep 25, 2008 - 0 comments

As I go through my old blogs on MySpace, I am not only seeing exactly what I was going through at the time, but also being reminded of what is yet to come...again. As I come across any of them that are worth copying, I'll do so and add them to my journal on this site. They may be a year old, but are still full of truth and knowledge! :-)
This journal consists of three blogs that list "things learned" since Levi was born. First is my husband's list, then a list that Levi "wrote" and last a list that I wrote.

~~~~Here is my husband's list~~~~

My son is 10 weeks old! Lessons learned.
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Category: Life

My son is over ten weeks old now.  I have learned quite a bit about babies over the past ten weeks.  Some of my favorite lessons are as follows:

1. Babies are really scary looking when they come out.   Levi looked like an alien.

2. At less than a week old, I learned that when changing a baby boy, there is always the chance that one is going to get wet and to plan accordingly.

3.  Having my two week old son sleep on my chest for two + hours while I am watching tv is one of the best moments of my life.

4.  Babies don't grow up fast enough when they are younger than 8 weeks old.

5.  Don't open one's mouth when picking up a newborn and placing them toward your shoulder because you might get a fist shoved into it.

6.  Baby's first smile (unprovoked by gas, of course) makes all the upheaval and sleep deprivation, up to that point, worth it.

7.  Always make sure to have the right diaper on your child (Huggies Supremes only) because it the difference between a poop in the diaper and poop, um..., outside of the diaper.  :)

8.  Only men can swaddle their children properly so that they will not be able to break free at three in the morning, hit themselves in the head, and cry uncontrollably.

9.  When Levi is bad, he's my son.  When Levi is good, he is April's son.  By that logic, I am fortunate to say that Levi is not my son very often.  :)

10.  Children are such an emotional investment for parents that it now makes sense to me when my mom gets bent out of shape when I forget to send cards for holidays.  

~~~~Here is Levi's list of what he'd learned so far in life~~~~

10 Lessons learned about being a newborn
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Since my Daddy wrote a list of 10 things he's learned about raising a newborn (in his blog) , I thought I'd write my own list about BEING a newborn.

1. Try to make the first few weeks as chaotic as possible so Mom and Dad will appreciate the quiet moments that much more.

2. Always hold back a little bit of pee pee for when someone changes your diaper. It's fun to make a little water fountain and see how Mom and Dad react to it. I know they love water fountains.

3. Cry a lot when you're around Dad so he'll let you sleep on his chest. It sure beats sleeping in the bassinett or bouncer!

4. Try to play games as much as possible. One that I enjoy is trying to aim my fist in Dad's mouth when he holds me. Another one is head-butting Mom and Dad when they're trying to maneuver me into a comfortable position. (sometimes this backfires, as I accidentally hit my face against their shoulder or face TOO hard and it makes me cry)

The best game? Let Mom and Dad put you down nice and easy while you're asleep. Stay asleep long enough for them to get downstairs and start eating or watching a movie, then wake up and start screaming. OMG! That is the funnest game EVER!

5. It's nice of parents to change your pee pee diaper so you'll have a fresh one to poop in a few minutes later.

6. Fight sleep as much as possible. You get to see things a lot longer...such as ceiling fans, pictures on the wall, and vents in the ceiling. If they turn out the light...just cry a lot until they HAVE to turn a nightlight back on.

7. Smile just long enough at Mom and Dad to get them to forget all the times you got them flustered.

8. Act hungry, even if you JUST ate, so you can get held some more. Drink just enough of the bottle to act like you really WERE hungry, but then waste the rest. (this is also a good time to fall asleep in their arms, then play the "I'm Not Really Asleep" game when they put you down.)

9. Cuddle in Mom and Dad's arms as much as possible...there is no warmer, more comfortable place than in their arms.

10. Excuse all the mistakes that parents make initially, because they're always trying their best, and they always love you no matter what they may do. Remember that just like you, they're new at this whole "parent/baby" thing.

I guess we all have to work together if we want to have a happy family...

~~~~And last, but not least, here is MY list~~~~

It's my turn! 10 things I'VE learned
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Thomas and Levi both have their lists of "things they've learned", so now it's my turn. 10 things I've learned from being a parent:

1. I haven't forgotten the pain from giving birth like everyone said I would. I mean, I may not remember the EXACT feeling, but believe me, I haven't forgotten how painful it was!

2. Even though you already know it's going to be hard having a baby around the really have no idea HOW hard until they're actually here.

3. 2 a.m to 5 a.m are the loneliest hours ever when you have a newborn. Everyone else is asleep, and you're up with a crying baby who cannot be consoled and have absolutely no idea WHY.  Lack of sleep and wacky hormones on top of the crying make things seem really hopeless.

4. EVERY minute of sleep that you can squeeze in is pure heaven.

5. The chaos DOES eventually calm down...somewhat.

6. Your shirt will always be wrinkled no matter if it is a plain cotton tee. Holding a baby leads to perpetual wrinkles in your clothes.

7. Babies love to dirty a fresh diaper.

8. It takes REAL talent to pack a diaper bag...and it takes a woman to always remember to bring it along.

9. Babies can really milk it...and I'm not talking about the breast.

10. Watching a baby sleep, or seeing him/her smile, fills your heart with such happiness that you literally feel you could explode with love.

These are just a FEW things I've learned so far. I'll post more later, but right now the baby is crying...again.

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