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Pregnancy Anxiety

Jul 05, 2011 - 2 comments

It's midnight and instead of sleeping I'm wide awake drinking ice water trying to get the baby to kick. He's been really still all afternoon and evening and it's driving me crazy.

In the last couple of weeks my anxiety has been building up. I went on bedrest before at 24 and 30 weeks so being at 26 weeks makes me a little nervous. I'm timing contractions all day and then counting kicks all night.

I have this feeling like something is going to go wrong. Like he's going to get wrapped up in his cord or my water will break at 30 weeks. Why am I so anxious?? I'm freaked that labor won't go right or he'll have a birth defect. Am I drinking enough water or eating the right food. Will I fail my blood sugar test again and have to do the 3 hour? Will he be in the NICU like my daughter was? My labor was so short with my last one what if it's shorter this time? I won't get my epidural.

I know if everything goes right I only have 9 to 11 weeks left. I've never gone more than 37 weeks to the day and that was with my first 13 years ago. Maybe all this is just the impending reality of a baby being here so soon.

26 weeks appointment is in two days. I plan on talking to my ob and I hope she can put my mind at ease.

Jelly Bean # 3
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by PetiteWonder, Jul 05, 2011
Oh the pregnancy anxieties.. I want nothing more than to have a healthy full term baby...

I go to my Ob today for the first time and am so worried...  I worry about preterm labor all the time.. i do not have a history but I have never had a previous pregnancy before so who knows... But I started off underweight... I have gained around 11-12 lbs so far, which I dont know if thats normal or low.. My baby is measuring small and therefore at risk for low birth weight...  I have periodic BH contractions pretty much daily, I have had menstrual like cramping that I dont know if I should worry about or not - seems to have only happen one or two days last week and was very brief..  But also i almost always in the evenings have a very dull ache in my back and lately throughout the day, I have a bit a watery discharge that turns creamy periodiocally but other times is just watery...  I am freaked at times and other times feel great because my baby has been moving alot the last week...  the kicks are getting higher and definitely more frequent...

I have always thought my menstrual like cramps were related to stretching but then i read they could be signs of preterm labor even if its on occaison....  

I hope your appointment goes well in two days.

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by NicMom, Jul 05, 2011
Thanks I'm sure it will go fine. I think the next time I have a bunch of contractions I'm going to call the ob and go in for a stress test. I'm worried that something about the contractions is making his activity dip maybe he's holding onto the cord.

I have a big list of questions and feel a little better after talking to my husband today about all my worries. I feel a little silly because it's my 3rd time I should know what to expect by now. I guess as I come to the end of the second trimester my hormones are are going crazy again.

Petite- some stretching and cramping is normal and you'll notice it even more in the third trimester. Just watch for patterns like cramps that come every 10 minutes. That's a sign of preterm labor.

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