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Quote- Life is in the living

Jul 06, 2011 - 0 comments

Was emailed this this morning. No author referenced. Love it!!

The answer to our problems is not in some quick solution.

The answer is in the living of your life in a positive, meaningful way.

The joy we seek is not in some particular, momentary pleasure or acquisition.

The joy is in the living of the precious moments of your life as they come.

The wisdom you desire is not in some sudden, brilliant insight or revelation.

The wisdom is in the living and the learning, in the triumphs and disappointments, in the pain and the love.

The value of life is not in any single possession or experience or feeling. The value of life is in the living.

So do not grasp or worry or boast or envy or waste your time trying to second-guess life.

Simply live this now moment with all the love and energy and gratitude and awareness you can give.

Life is in the living. And here on this very day is your golden opportunity to fully taste the rich abundance.

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