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Jul 06, 2011 - 9 comments

Well, went to c my Dr for feedback on the scan and first thing he asks was.."Didn't I c u a couple of days ago?" I didn't comment just said "I'm here for the results. the Sonographer told me they will b ready by Wed so I assumed U wanted to c me" while I was thinking.."what an A**!! is this how u greet ur patients U moron?" hehe anyways I sit down took out a list that had a few questions that I need answered the first one was "Ask Dr about severe back pain and what to do" the second, "y haven't I slept well since I started my multivitamins? is there a substitute for them?" and I mean sleeping for 4 hrs 4days in a raw and suffering a horrible headache since!!.. the Third and most important one "Y did my hands turn dead - body blue and stayed that way for 6 hours yesterday?"
is this too much to ask? well I didn't think so..I took the list out and asked the first questions he said straight away "all ur tests r fine. backache is common and ull b ok!" I told him that this backache has been bothering me REAL bad every time I bend and need a solution for it..well, he seemed to ignore what I said completely! anyways I skipped the list n asked..what about my due date? he said SO clearly "its non of ur business, ur due date is still on the 7th of Jan like I said"
I flipped of course and took my report off his desk n THANKED him then left!..
was I being sensitive about it? or was he pure mean as I felt?!

will definitely fire him even if that means NOT going to a dr for SOO long or paying for the fricken service!

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by echoecho9er, Jul 06, 2011
OMG, I would be putting in hand written complaint on that doctor so fast his head would be spinning!!!  Then again I personally would've freaked a flippin lid ON him right there in his office, but I understand you were probably in shock!!!  There is NO WAY IN HELL I would be going back to him, and you should absolutely be making a formal complaint on this @ss!! This is not some cold or flu you're seeing him for, this is the life of your child and if he's that ignorant and non-chalant about your request you can only imagine it will get worse as the pregnancy progresses.  Definitely fire the guy and find someone else!!

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by haz1104, Jul 06, 2011

Exactly! I was in shock really couldn't believe myself! I was really doubting that a dr cud b this mean. I also knew straight away that he will NEVER c my face again haha..maybe thats what kept me from showing my anger. I'm planning to contact me RE and c if he cud help me find a solution for this like recommend some1 n help facilitate the transfer process. I hate him n there's NO way I'm ever going back to this office.

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by Carly1306, Jul 07, 2011
Gosh what an a$$!!! I can't believe a doctor cos be that cheeky and're his patient and you need advice and help and he's just blatantly not doing his job properly. I really hope you find someone else...someone who actually cares!

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by want2getprego, Jul 07, 2011
Yeah, I would definitely find another OB. If that's how he acted now, there is no telling how he would make you feel during labor!!!

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by retta483, Jul 07, 2011
omg that is afwel most Dr 's wont change the due date after the first u/s date not even if it dont match lmp  from my experences that is I had a baby due 1/13/07 and had him 12/22/06 c section because i went into labor with a breech baby . i had a amnio and his lungs were developed. So they should have changed my due date but wouldent because i had gestational diabetes and thought he was just big  but wasnt . Id totally get another ob he sounds like a a$$ im sorry  Ihave had drs make me cry before for beaing so rude  im actually scared of going to my re on the 13th because he is so rude to me .

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by haz1104, Jul 07, 2011
ya he is a horrible Dr really I called in my RE and told him about everything he said he will arrange for a referral to some1 else and "maybe" back to him. YaY!! hehe

Retta, omg! why r we blessed with such drs! I mean r there too many of them or r we the lucky ones?! I'm glad ur baby n c section went well n that things didnt get more complicated!

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by PetiteWonder, Jul 07, 2011
Damn backaches.. in my early pregnancy my backaches were terrible... .I had to leave work once and go to the emergency after not being able to walk several times and it killing...  I was told tylenol would be okay for it... I never took any though, laying down seems to be the best help for me though its hard to get up at times....  If it helps, I was around 12 weeks when I was unable to walk due to it....  It got better in the 2nd trimester but has come and gone... I still get it now but finds it radiates down my legs more and is worst in the evening...  Avoid any type of lifting...   minimize ur stairs, etc...  my doctor told me to anticipate having a rough 3rd trimester ...

This doctor sounds like a jerk to me, the fact that your hands went blue for 6hours and you didnt even get the chance to mention that is not far....  thats a pretty serious circulation issue... I hope you find a new one .

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by haz1104, Jul 08, 2011
Thank u So Much PetiteWonder, I really appreciate ur comment it made me feel much better knowing there's a solution for my problem and that this backache is not "All in my head" I was beginning to doubt myself ..last night was a horrible night. I couldnt sit, or get up, change sides in bed ..NOTHING i was suffering n this stupid Dr made me feel like an idiot! lol
Tylenol isnt available in my country for some reason but its the same as Panadol tried taking one last night didn't work. I'm gonna wait until my RE is back n pay him a visit 2c how I can manage the pain at least n discuss the bluish hands if it occurs again.
Thanks for the warning lol I'm already worried about the weight gain of the 3rd trimester hehe luckily ur getting closer so ull get over sooner! let me know how that goes I'm sure we're gonna have a lot to share!

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by journey2motherhood, Jul 08, 2011
oh the heck with him, get a new dr!

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