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Thursday, July 7

Jul 07, 2011 - 0 comments

Wow, I have really fallen off on the journaling.
July 6 I had an initial visit with a very nice Rheumatologist. He was very interested in my case. He has treated Granulomatous diseases before...although I did not ask if he had Mastitis cases...what can I head failed me at the moment. When he told me he also takes one of the drugs because he has an autoimmune condition himself, I did not dare to invade his privacy to ask what it was either. Anyway...
He told me to stay on 20mg Prednisone for the time being. I will start Plaquinyl (400mg/day) for 6 months. Methotrexate (6 2.5mg tablets orally once a week) for 6 months. Folic Acid & Vitamin C and he wants me to keep up with Omega 3, Vitamin D and the Pro-biotics.
He feels this is a very safe combination of drugs. He knows that in high doses they do lots of bad stuff. He has me starting on a medium dose of both. He will wean me from the Prednisone in one month. He will test my blood as we go. He his hopeing to be able to wean me from the others after the 6 months. Maybe 4 if all goes well.
He drew about 9 vials of blood, and is testing my Prolactin levels at my request.
He also x-rayed my chest. While listening to me breath, he asked if I ever smoked. Which I have not.
The technician who took the x-rays also asked if I smoked after viewing the first picture...very disconcerting.
During the interview he asked if I had a fever or a caugh when the symptoms first presented. I did. I also told him that all the doctors to this point did not feel this was relevant since it cleared with the help of a Z pac. He disagreed. He is definately thinking there may be a form of Sarcadosis present in my system, he is particularly concerned it may be in my lungs or eyes, although there is no evidence of it being in the eyes at this point.

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