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Poem "Candlelight & Shadows

Sep 26, 2008 - 2 comments

Wishing you a gentle Evening and
a Beautiful tomorrow

WIsh it was...but not my own poem..a friend of mine's.

Candlelight and Shadows
Sitting in the silence
With only candlelight
Shadows cast their image
A captivating sight
Thoughts begin to wander
To the illusions call
I envision myself dancing
Amongst the shadows on the wall
Within the silhouettes
No longer am I alone
When swallowed by the darkness
Within shadows I can roam
Free am I to dance again
Without a single care
Within the haunting images
Scattered here and there

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by Vicotram, Sep 26, 2008
That is cool great poem.

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by snoozies43, Sep 26, 2008
Yea i liked it alot. Thank you. Kinda touches home

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