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Jul 08, 2011 - 0 comments

Just visited with an old friends parents, actually his father, for the last few hours.  I haven't seen them in at least 15-17 years and just popped in on em to say hi and thanks for all the fun i used to have there.

Steve, the father (not to be confused with steve couch surfer) was home and we caught up.  He informed me that his wife was a victim of the dreaded alzhiemer's and had been for a few years.  The wife got home with her caregiver and it was dreadful.  I mean, it was nice to catch up with Steven and learn things...but seeing my old friends mom(62) in such bad shape my heart just crashed...I almost cried.  she remembers nobody and nothing, not her husband, son let alone me...

It was, for me, just one more wake up call to how fragile our lives and brains are...a reminder to not live like a ****-up and do the best we can...I mean really, mind could be all gone tomorrow...I can't imaging the horror of that happening to anybody, let alone somebody i have known, loved as a second mom at one time, much less my own folks or me...

For future reference...If I get the damned stuff...which is possible (but i drink lots of coffee, so who knows)  I will leave Dr. Jack kavorkian or somebody like him some very specific instructions...gimme the drugs, don't make the ones I love go the the daily heartache of taking care of me when I can't even recognize my own kid...

Any of  you out there have my permision to take me, by Cold 1911 .45 out in the woods and drop me there PLEASE!  I do not believe in suicide for answers we could deal with...but this is out of control...put me down, send me to pasture please.!!!!!!!!!

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