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Party ideas....

Jul 12, 2011 - 3 comments

Ok ladies I need some of your insight.  I have two birthdays coming up and little money to do anything.  My oldest DD is turning 15 on Monday.  I've told her she can have a couple friends for a sleepover but I want something more special than that.  Any ideas?  Has to be something that doesn't require much if any money.  She's not into "girly" things, she's more emo.

Middle DD is turning 8 on the 23rd and I know she wants a party but, again, money is an issue.  If I have a "party" at my house what are some cheap/easy activities for a small group of kids that age?  

Thanks for the help :)

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by margypops, Jul 12, 2011
I have always found Charades a great hit amongst any age group ,children love acting..they usually choose a movie /TV Video and act it out without speaking ..another game that is fun is to get a gift and wrap it in sheets of paper so it has many layers' everyone sits in a circle and the parcel is passed around, you are playing music and have some who isn't looking stop the music, a layer of paper is then removed and pass the parcel begins again .Till the last sheet the that child gets the gift ..probably better for younger kids .... making oregano birds and animals is quite a nice project with a small gift for the best one .I used to have a book on party games..if I can find it ..

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by Heatherm4, Jul 12, 2011
For your 15 year old, although she isn't a girly girl....she probably likes to still do her nails, dye her hair and such things like that right? You could always set up different colours of nail polish and get like skull appliques for them to do their nails and get funky coloured hairspray so they could do their hair and have a goofy photo session!! Load the pics on and get them to do cool things with the pics they took!!

For the 8 yr old- I'm not sure where you live but water fun is always great. Set up the sprinklers, get water balloons and have a blast!

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by need_answers_from_someone, Jul 12, 2011
You could turn your garage into a pretty cool art studio.  If you get laundry detergent and let them pain the walls with it then turn a black light on it the detergent glows.  Pretty cool.  We used to do it to our dorm rooms when I was in college.  It doesnt really show up like anything unless you turn off the lights and shine the black light.  Your older daughter might enjoy that during her sleep over.  Only cost is detergent and black light bulb.  

For your 8 year old.  I agree with the water idea.  I would set up obstacle courses using water.  Like take a cup with holes in it and dunk it in water than run to the other bucket and fill it up. Whatever team fills it first wins.  You could do team water sports.  When we have Olympic day at school ( i am a 3rd grade teacher) the kids love to do any course involving water.

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