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Jul 13, 2011 - 1 comments

Here i  am again wide awake at 4am, thirsting for sleep.This is what i need to remember, this crap feeling I have.  The wd's were so bad those first few days, kind of a distant memory now that i'm on day 6 but still worthy enough to remember.   Dont forget going from room to room for three days and nights while the rest of the ffamily went to the soccer game on sunday, went out to enjoy the sun on saturday, leaving me behind to fight the fight.  Dont forget the feeling of crawling out of your skin, or sweating all that sweat only to have the heat you were generating turn into complete cold in a matter of seconds.  Dont forget all the hot baths that seemed like such a chore to prepare because the energy was just not there but you still had to do it to try an make things seem better, even if it was for an instant. Remember the time you were watching the tube and wanted to change the channel so badly but because the remote was just one foot away from you it seemed like to much trouble to get up and get it. so much more to say but dont have the energy to type, rember this too. This is the last time you do this myfriend.REMEMBER IT.

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by vicki595, Jul 13, 2011
Hey!   I still won't move to reach for the remote!!!   LOL!

You're getting there...stay strong; it won't last forever!!

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