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Rib pain!

Jul 14, 2011 - 6 comments

morning sickness

OMG...right rib cage is killing me!  Baby B has something lodged in there and will NOT move it!  It is so bad that it is making me nauseas, like my morning sickness is back!  Please God, let me not loose my mind in this last 9 week stretch!  

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by Kricket212, Jul 14, 2011
Can you take a shower? Maybe that might make him move....that is what I have been doing to make them move around.

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by mlward3, Jul 14, 2011
Try and get on all fours and do the pelvic rock, then lay on your side and rock side to side! I don't have 2 little munchkins squeezed in me but it works for me! Hope you get some relief, also went to a birthing class and they said it was fine to push gently on them to get them to move! Good luck

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by beanandsprout, Jul 15, 2011
Thanks Ladies!  The shower definitely gives me relief, as does the tilts and stretches...but when I lay down it starts right up again!  

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by jessting, Jul 15, 2011
Oh i know baby B is giving me the hardest time in my left rib..exspecially in evening whne i try to lay down some. Everything seems to migrate up in my ribs. Putting some ligh pressue of my ribs and gently pushing down has seems to help, but somes back frequently/ I finally had to start on a sleepng pill bc of my rib pain and back pain at night...on top or abd pains whenever i would move..i was getting ZERO sleep!  But actually I have slept last two night lovely after taking something. Low dose AMbien is wonderful ladies if you get to that point. WIsh i would have started in a few weeks ago!

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by jessting, Jul 15, 2011
I had started dreading night time bc that when my rib pain would get so out of control..couldnt help it in the bed, recliner, several diff couches..started taking late night walks thiking that maybe that would push things down before bed..not worked. Just applying pressure, and now taking this sleeping pill has made a world of a difference. Tried to hold off for a few weeks, but had gotten so bad thta it was really upsetting me ,,,so doc wanted to start something so i wasnt exhausted when time for babies to come.  So good(:

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by Mariana101, Jul 23, 2011
oh yes, my right rib kills me when I lay down and a bit of pressure helps. I'm starting to sleep in a upright position and it helps. What really bothers me is the heartburn, it is like I have a mouse stuck in my throat and it hurts, so I take tums all the time which causes constipation, etc...... it is one thing after the other so I just need to take it and pray the babies will be born soon, whenever they are ready:)  My first pregnancy was SO easy, but then again I was 24 and it was just one baby:)

Wishing you all luck!


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