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Anniversary idea

Jul 15, 2011 - 1 comments

Hi Ladies- hope you all are doing fabulous!! :) HAPPY FRIDAY TO ALL!!! :)

so, thought I'd get some of my sister's opinions on the latest.... DH and I have been married 6 years in September! Pretty weird how time just flies by.... but anyways, I typically go for the 'traditional' suggested themes for gift ideas. Now, this year would be iron and candy.... here are my thoughts and I'm looking for some serious honesty here which I applaud all of you for doing and highly appreciate! My DH and I are BIG P90X fans:we have P90X, Insanity, P90X+ and pretty much most of the accesories that go with them.... he's been going strong religiously since March 2009. I on the other hand, have fallen off of the wagon several times, however, still enjoy the workouts when time and non-ivf days allow. We currently are using some free weights with the workouts however, our main source of weights are from the resistance bands. DH has said plenty of times that he would love to get some Bowflex SelectTech dumbells.... I thought for an anniversary gift that these would be ideal! Iron/Workout equipment..year 6 of wedding... However, here's my dilemna:
First, good idea or no? I know he'd use them and love them but is it practical for an anniversary gift?
Secondly, should I order now or wait until closer to the anniversary date? If I order them now, I can EITHER get $50 off of the original price OR pay full price and get the stand that the weights go on (retails for $150) for free? I could wait and miss this deal but maybe have another one?? I'm not sure- they don't say when these deals expire. S/H is free either way.
Third, am I nuts for investing too much money into a dumb gift and just save the money for something else.... and do something a lil' more low key? (Dumbell set is $399.99)

Very confused- please suggest! Thanks ladies!!

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by Kricket212, Jul 15, 2011
Happy Anniversary!!  In my opinion that is alot of money to be spending.   I personally would not spend that much money unless I knew he was serious about wanting it.  My husband is the type of guy who likes to pick his own gifts.  Also you mentioned that you would have to order them.  Does this mean mail order?  What if you need to return, sounds like shipping could be alot of money.

I would say take that $400- & go spend the night somewhere & have a romantic night.   Enjoy & Good luck with whatever you decide.

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