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Still Undiagnosed???????

Jul 18, 2011 - 30 comments

Well am back again, i really wished that my symptoms would go after my 12 month HIV -ve

Sigh.. still have loads of symptoms with new additions

Sore throat,painful lymph nodes behind knees,in neck and in armpit. Sinus infection with fever,folliculitis...

and yes i have been working with doctors for an diagnosis,,,but still no luck

My wife wanted children badly and i finally relented for unprotected sex after my last -ve test

I had a skull xray last week ..going to doc today..god please give me cure...

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by Teak, Jul 18, 2011
Some mental health issues can't be cured, just controlled.

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by Rob73!, Jul 18, 2011
Just want to echo, what Teak has said.......

If you have had a NEGATIVE HIV TEST 12 MONTHS AFTER YOUR LAST POSSIBLE EXPOSURE then there is NO CHANCE OF HIV INFECTION. I really can't say much more than this. HIV ISN'T YOUR PROBLEM.

However, as Teak has mentioned above; You should be working with your primary care physician on addressing your mental health issues. This sounds like it's the root cause of your symptoms. Have you tried therapy? This can be a great relief and will help you address your concerns about your HIV fears,etc.

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by bentheredonethat, Jul 18, 2011
Even though HIV is clearly not a cause for your symptoms, you clearly are still suffering... and likely your mental anguish is stemming from real physical symptoms.  I believe you, and I support you.  People thought I was mentally unstable also when I would complain of my chronic symptoms, and often time believing it to be due to the human immunodef virus.

I was wrong.

I was allergic to many foods.  You should start looking into your digestive system.  Many many many many ailments throughout the body can be attributed to certain food intake and your body's response to it.  You don't have hiv, it is plain and simple.  Get over that fact and begin looking for the real cause of your pain / symptoms.  

Begin with food allergies..  No need to get tested, just pay attention to your body when you eat.  You may be allergic to something, and while eating that food for a long time, you can get pretty crazy symptoms.  Start there... not here.

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by bentheredonethat, Jul 18, 2011
And do not listen to these people about your mental health issues...

Every person who has some sort of understanding of anatomy and physio-chemical responses in the body understand taht mental health issues ALWAYS stem from a physical ailment... modern science just cannot test for or understand the complexities of physio-chemical responses (the immune system) and just say,

"oh your a hypochondriac / depressant / insane."

Fact of the matter is, when I eat sugar or gluten, I become depressed mentally because my body has a auto-immune reaction to those foods and end up combating my body while sending signals to my brain that I am under attack by a foreign invader, when it is just a piece of bread--- I feel sick physiaclly, and thus mentally I am depressed.  

Mental illness stems from CHRONIC environmental factors that affect your body's chemical balance.  You are not going crazy, and getting mental help will only help you conquor your fear / inability to trust your hiv test results.

If you want to actualy feel better, begin looking elsewhere for the causes of your symptoms.  Its not hiv, and you are not crazy.  You are just confused about what is causing your symptoms.  Once you get a better understanding of what is causing your symptoms--ie, food allergy, autoimmune disease, genetic disorder--you will feel better.

Relax.  Hiv is a waste of your energy and time, my friend.

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by naveea, Jul 23, 2011
My X ray was NORMAL... doc gave me some antibiotics abd antihistamines as he told i have sinus infection and he can see some infection in my throat....he told he will refer me to a immulogist next week....

My sinus infection has subsided.. .but i still have tired and low grade fever....

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by bentheredonethat, Jul 25, 2011
FOOD ALLERGIES  !!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the main symptoms of gluten intolerance for example is sinus infection (chronic).  Think about it:

Humans have existed for millions of years.  Wheat has been widely produced and consumed for 10,000 years.  We've been drinking cow's milk for 8,000 years.

Do you think our genetic code is capable of digesting a food found in our "normal" diets for less than 1/10th of human existence.  Couple that with the fact that humans re-produce with other humans from different gene pools.  There is a lot of variation there, and so it is very likely that one's genetic code is not sufficient in digesting complex proteins like gluten or lactose.

Look into that, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how common food intolerances are and their very very very debhilitating symptoms.    

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by naveea, Jul 28, 2011
Should'nt i be allergic to gluten from childhood.. is it possible to be allergic to gluten all of suden,,,,

I eat wheat some days on which i feel almost good..but some days my symtpoms gets worse,,,, i did try staying for gluten for a week since u suggested the same couple of months back,, but it dint help...

Well i had a employment blood work done today.. the tests included CBC,RBS,HIV,VDRL,HBsAg,TB antibodies..

Scared as hell,this will be after for 14 months post my last exposure.... whats more scary is now am having unprotected sex with my wife,,,,

I hope its negative,,, God Help me.....

I was taking a lot of auyervedic antivirals like NEEM,HOLY BASIL and GARLIC capsules ,constant use of antibiotics and steroid nasal you think it affected my previous tests?

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by stupidmistake50, Jul 29, 2011
Excuse me for asking, but when did you resume your unprotected sex life with your wife? The reason I ask is that surely she would be suffering symptoms also if you had passed any STD onto her? I hope you understand that I'm trying to reassure you. Good luck.

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by naveea, Aug 04, 2011
All normal except ESR was at cutoff,,,,HIV NEGATIVE @ 14 months post my last exposure,,,, awaiting TB results

Stupid---> Thankfully she has not displayed any major symptoms ,,,,,

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by RainLover71, Aug 04, 2011
It,s very sad when someone won,t except the facts and just can,t move on with there life.When is the testing for hiv going to end.Your fear of the virus has made you think irrationally and you need to address this phobia that you have.You don,t have hiv so let it go and move on with your life.All the best.

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by bentheredonethat, Aug 04, 2011
"constant use of antibiotics and steroid nasal you think it affected my previous tests? "

This will likely be the last bit of advice I'm able to give... and this goes to speciallady73:

HIV is uncommon:  very very very uncommon.  If you simply do the math, there are over 6 billion in this world, and a figure like 100 million with hiv... thats less than .8% of the worlds population... or that is to say, 99.2% of the world doesn't have HIV.

Hiv tests are 100% accurate at 6 months, and essentially 100% accurate at 3 months.   Many are 100% accurate after 4 weeks.  It's really not that difficult to isolate a specific antibody, I did it in school.  And you don't need much of that antibody for it to be multiplied.

"constant use of antibiotics and steroid nasal you think it affected my previous tests? "

Constant use of antibiotics will cause digestive issues.  It will kill normal gut flora, and so foods normally you could digest, perhaps are not easily digested.

You can get food intolerance symptoms at anytime in life.  In fact, a majority are diagnosed between 20-30 years of age.  Things that cause food intolerances are:

1. Antibiotic use
2. Stress
3. Virus -- normal viruses
4. Bacterium -- normal bacteria
5. Travel -- exposes  you to virus / bacteria / parasite

Dude... whatever... get over it.  14 MONTHS?!?!?  that's absurd... you're hiv negative.

Look into food intolerances, look into auto-immune disorders.

The digestive system is the most important part of your body.  Over 70% of your immune system is created in the small intestine.  If you eat antibiotics for an extended period of time, you are destroying your natural small intestinal flora.  That leads to indigestion.  That leads to malnutrition.  Malnutrition leads to surpressed immunity, fatigue, and every other symptom you are feeling.

You are in India.. you should be familiar with BALANCE as medical technique.  Stop taking un-natural things like antibiotics and steroids and start fasting, drinking some water, meditation, and stop stressing about hiv.  TRUST ME, mate... you need to take a step back, accept things, and then begin to re-heal your body.  

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by RainLover71, Aug 05, 2011
To lastfault,what you need to do is stop stressing about hiv because your negative result is proof that you don,t have hiv and it,s the stress and anxiety that is causing all your problems.Stop worrying and see how quickly your health will improve.

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by naveea, Aug 08, 2011
Hi beenthere,,

Do u think i enjoy being tested,,, No i hate it,,, i go through hell till i get my negative results...

Well I got back my TB results... TB Igg is intermediate,,, its on borderline,,No clue why as i tested -ve for TB last year, will take the results to doc today....

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by ricky_id, Aug 08, 2011
What I can say is something has clearly gone wrong with your body and/or mind, and it's definitely not HIV. Whether you want to believe this or not is decided by you alone.

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by bentheredonethat, Aug 11, 2011

Digestion problems and dizziness / fatigue / general malaise are symptoms of food intolerances.  Over 30% of the global population has a food intolerance to something...

Look there.  Think abou it... you have symptoms every day, what else do you do every day?  Eat.  

You don't have HIV.  If you are a heterosexual male having regular intercourse, protected or not, your chances of contracting hiv are miniscule.  Your tests prove that.

Take Care... I know you don't like waiting for your results, but why do you hate waiting for NEGATIVE results over and over again??? makes absolutely no sense.

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by naveea, Aug 24, 2011
well i was on gluten and dairy free diet for 2 weeks,,, my health has just gone worse,,i have fever 101f ,severe body pain,no nasal symptoms for past 5 in my home town The doc here was treating me for a viral fever and i was put on iv drips for my fatigue... He has oredred widal,malaria parasite just sick of being sick,,,i cannot even walk properly,,,,

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by RainLover71, Aug 24, 2011
You should demand a battery of tests to determine whats going on with your health.Continue until there is a clear diagnosis.

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by naveea, Aug 27, 2011
my bile salt and bile segment test were Liver function test were high... I have jaundice...

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by bentheredonethat, Sep 07, 2011
get tested for hepatitis A and B and C  (C is not that common unless you use needles).   Otherwise you may have gilbert's syndrome.  

What were ur levels for ur liver test.

enzymes et cetera?

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by nursegirl6572, Sep 07, 2011
We could guess all day and prolong this poster's anxiety and agitation.  I think it's time that the OP deals with his doctor, our help isn't "helping" him...quite the contrary IMO.

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by naveea, Sep 14, 2011
Well in india we dont test for HEPA,, if HEPB and HEPC are negative,,, it is assumed that jaundice is caused by HEPA which is very common here,,, i was tested for HEPB which was -ve and since i tested in feb 2011 for HEPC and i dont use needles,,

I have recovered from jaundice and have returned back to work after 3 weeks of rest,,

My biluribin is back to normal again, Only symptoms i have are chronic sore throat ,blocked nose and feeling feverish and aching legs in evening,,,,

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by naveea, Nov 23, 2011
Well its been 18 months since my last exposure... and i have tested -ve for HIV and other STD's till 14 months...

I have had everysymtom of immunocompromised person

1. Chronic Sore throat
2.Chronic Sinusistus
3.General Fatigue and body pain
4. Recurrent Fevers
7.Stomach Ache
9.Generalized lymph node pain and swelling
10.Oral Hairy Leukoplakia

I am trying to live a normal life with all my symtpoms,but its very difficult since i still have not been diagnoised.. everyday is like a year because of the pain...I cant even look eye to eye with my wife.the thought of me infecting her just rips me apart

I am going abroad on business purposes... i will be giving a medical test for visa purposes TODAY and the tests do include HIV,VDRL,LFT etc

I hope its negative.. Only God can help me now,....

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by Teak, Nov 23, 2011
Yeah right.

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by smartypal80, Nov 23, 2011
Hi Naveen, Can you give me your contact details. Want to discuss something. My mail ID is johnson.***@****

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by freylim, Nov 23, 2011
Do you test for hcv sorry just for sure?100% strees related i agree wity getitright

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by smartypal80, Nov 23, 2011
Hope you have done HIV Viral load test, CD4 absolute count and CD4%? What are the results of these 3 things?

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by freylim, Nov 23, 2011
CD4 Test IS For + Is Not for a diagnostic test.

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by Emily_MHManager, Nov 23, 2011
Hi everyone -

This journal is now closed.  Naveea has had her questions answered, and has been advised that she is HIV negative many many times.


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by clawal, Jan 12, 2012
What is viral syndrome?

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by WhereToLook, Aug 19, 2017
I am like you same boat hang on dear

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