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Unhappy, sad, what else?

Sep 27, 2008 - 3 comments

Last week and much of this week, I have been feeling really down on myself.  Last weekend, I was ready to throw everything away and leave.  I still haven't taken anything, but if I would have had access to anything I can't promise I wouldn't have.  My husband thinks alot of it is because this is our oldest daughter's last year of high school and all she can talk about is leaving for college.  He thinks it is because I don't want to come to the realization to the fact that she will be leaving home.  

I don't know if that is it, or I am  just generally unhappy.  It seems like I can't find a reason to laugh or smile anymore.  It is effecting me at work and I have got to snap out of it.  

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by joann1975, Sep 27, 2008
Snap out of it! LOL...I'm sorry you are feeling this way. It will get always does. I am sure your daughter leaving the nest isn't helping...but instead of being sad about it right now spend all the time you can w/her! Taking pills isn't going to fix any of this and I know that!
Take care...if you need to talk you know where I am.

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by MJIthewriter, Sep 27, 2008
There's not much I can offer, but I can give you a hug. (A virtual one anyway)  I hope that helps. Sounds like you're going through withdrawals?

One thing that helps at times when I'm feeling down. (I should be taking my own advice and ding it now) go on Pick something random like those self locking shopping carts and see if you can find out what makes the wheel lock once it gets past a certain point.  Or you can google up cat pictures, or dogs, or anything that fancies you.

The neat thing is not only are you distracting yourself momentarly, but you may learn some interesting things in the process.

I hope that helps.  I don't deal with pills and addiction, but I do suffer bouts of depression. My depression seems to be triggered by things and feels intense, but it does subside eventually.  I find that like a train going at full speed, I can't stop my feelings, but I can do things while I feel crappy. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not.  At least while I'm focused on something else I'm not focused on the pain or the trigger thought that brought on the upset.

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by lady67, Sep 28, 2008
Thanks MJ I thought I was the only one who googled random things like that.

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